Thursday, May 01, 2008

*sigh* x 20 million

Sometimes the only fix for a day like this one is...


  1. Cute! Hang in there, Andi! It's almost over!


  2. Awww! So cute!

    Hold on! It'll get better soon!

  3. A perfect image to end the type of day I've been having. Thank you!

  4. Awwww-that helped out my day too. It's snowing here, and my niece is running around like the crazy two-year-old she is. I miss Texas. :(

  5. Boy did I need that cute little guy today. I'm emailing you with a tail to tell.

  6. hang in there girl!
    I love Cute Overload.

  7. Thanks, Lezlie! Today was our last class day. Now I just have to grade those research papers and finish tallying averages. Eeek!

    Thanks, Heather!

    Sorry you're feelin' craptaculous too, Nik.

    I hope tomorrow is better, BC!

    Eva, snowing?! Geez! Mother nature is so very confused, eh?

    Isn't it, Chris?! They come up with the best stuff.

    Andi, just got your e-mail! Holy crap!

    Iliana, it's the best, isn't it? So fun.

  8. That is really cute.

    Hold on, hang in, deep breaths. It's FRIDAY.

  9. Very cute! I know what you mean though. I'm working all weekend, actually a ton over, so I can get next weekend off. 4 days straight...and am headed to Chicago. I can not wait!!

    Hope it gets better for you!

  10. Yeah, same here. I posted a photo of my mood, though. Maybe if I plunk the cuteness of my furball on the belly it will help. Hang in there!


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