Saturday, June 28, 2008

RAT - Bring on Hour 5!

Book I’m reading: About to start A Severed Head, by Iris Murdoch. We'll see if it sticks.
Number of books read since I started: 1 - The Shadows of Ghadames
Pages Read since my last post: 63
Total pages read in the challenge: 118
Amount of time spent reading since my last post: 45 minutes
Total amount of time spent reading in the challenge: 90 minutes
Mini-Challenges completed: 1
Total amount of time spent blogging: not much!
Time spent visiting other people’s blogs: heck if I know! Probably 30 minutes or so. Lunch took more time than anything!

The Shadows of Ghadames was a good book. It's a children's novel about life in Libya. Specifically a little girl named Malika and the trials and tribulations of growing up in a society that is largely closed to women. It was sort of a weird mix of subversions as the father was the progressive one that wanted his daughter to read while the mother was staunchly against it. While the father is gone on a trading trip across the desert, the man's two wives, as well as Malika, take in a strange man that they find injured in the alleyway outside their home. The man heals and teaches Malika to read.

It's a good message for children certainly--women are equals--but it falls into the trap that historical children's fiction so often does by prescribing 21st century values and attitudes to historical characters. Not terribly realistic, but a good read nonetheless.


  1. The Shadows of Ghadames does sound good. I know what you mean about that trap, though.

  2. oh, you are doing just great!! I don't think any of us could be considered slackers:) this should be fun! Great reading.

  3. Nymeth, I haven't read a children's historical in a while, so I haven't experienced the trap in a bit. Boy, this one sort of hit me over the head.

    Bethany, thanks!! And amen to that. We're the antithises (sp?) of slackers. :)

  4. Nice work, my same-named friend. Keep at it. And enjoy Daisy's nap.


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