Sunday, June 29, 2008

RAT - Hour 20 in shambles!

So, if you hadn't already guessed, I fell spectacularly asleep. SPECTACULARLY. In fact, I decided to lie down in my living room floor because it's uncomfortable, but that didn't stop me. I fell right to sleep. B went to bed, didn't wake me up, and when I woke up on my own I was in a full-body cramp and bleary. So, I gave it up and went to the real bed.

Note to self: the next time I do this, sequester myself more, have more caffeine and junk food on hand, let someone take even more care of the dog. Daisy's crate is in the living room, so I knew if I did stay awake after my nap I would've kept Daisy up and ended up traipsing around the yard at 4am.

SOOOO, B is in the shower, and when he gets out the hours from 8-noon are mine to salvage a little more reading. I'll still be working on the Collected Crumb Comics.


I did win a prize in my sleep, though! A BEAUTIFUL bookmark!


  1. Awww: you'd think he'd have woken you up! lol At least you have four hours left. :D

  2. Congrats on the win! And like Eva said, there's 4 hours can still get some reading done!

  3. Too bad you fell asleep, Andi! But like Eva and Nymeth said, you have a couple of hours left to read.

  4. Awww...falling asleep on the floor can be so uncomfortable!

    I'm back from a really long blog absence (almost all of June!) since we moved house, so just stopping by for some very late read-a-thon cheer!

  5. At least you end up with a good story to tell...and a prize!

  6. Well, I always say, if you're gonna fall asleep, you might as well do it SPECTACULARLY! very classy of you.

    What kind of dog is Daisy? I know a huge HUGE great dane named Daisy who is a sweetheart.

  7. I fall asleep when I'm reading in broad daylight! You've got plenty of hours still to go, Andi. Hope you are not too stiff from sleeping on the floor.

  8. I've been away from blog-hopping for several days and just caught up on your past week of posts.

    Wow!! You're going back to Texas! Ya know, I kind of thought this might be in the works. Maybe that's why I had to constantly remind myself that you were in NC and not TX whenever I read something in the news about Dallas.

    I sure know what it's like to be homesick. I felt that way when we moved out of Nebraska after only living here for 6 years. I'm sure it took a lot of soul-searching, but it sounds like the right decision and I wish you all the best. I'll bet your mom is beyond ecstatic to know that you'll be back! I hope all goes well with the move and that the drive back is uneventful.

  9. Oh, and I'm totally jealous of your bookmark, lol.

  10. Eva, you would think so, but APPARENTLY NOT. I'm not bitter though. *shifty eyes*

    Nymeth, thanks!

    Myrthe, it's not going my way, but it's worth a try to squeeze in what I can at the last minute.

    Thanks, Nyssaneala!! It's good to see you again.

    True, CB!

    Care, she's a mixed breed of shady origins. We think she might be part basenji.

    Thanks, Litlove. And me too. LOL

    Thanks, Les. It's been a big, awful decision making process, but I do think it'll be for the best when all is said and done. Cross your fingers for me!

    LOL, thanks Eva!


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