Saturday, June 28, 2008

RAT - Hour 7 Begins

Book I’m reading:
Still reading Blood and Chocolate. It's no Stephenie Meyer, but I have to say, Klause's writing is alluring in its own way.

Last hour was largely uneventful. I probably only read for about 30 minutes. Took Daisy out for a bit of a walk, puttered around, visited some blogs. Now I'm back to reading.

Number of books read since I started: 1 - The Shadows of Ghadames

Pages Read since my last post: 38

Total pages read in the challenge: 218

Amount of time spent reading since my last post: 30ish minutes

Total amount of time spent reading in the challenge: 165 minutes


  1. Blood and Chocolate - I'll have to try this one . . . and now I'm doing some back reading on your blog to find out about this Texas mention.
    Keep at it.

  2. It's good to branch out. ;-)

    I'm hosting a book giveaway just for Read-a-thon participants. Check my blog to enter. It's open until Wednesday.

    Keep reading!

  3. Hey - I just read an interview with Annette over at Reviewer X's blog. I will have to check out Blood and Chocolate soon.

  4. Hey, Andi...I decided to relocate back to TX. Resigned my awesome teaching job and all to be closer to family. It's a tough decision, but I think it's what I need to do.

    CB, thanks for the heads up! I'll check it out.

    Lenore, I'll have to give that interview a look. I really like the book so far, and I have Freaks on my stacks to read.


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