Saturday, June 28, 2008

RAT (Read-A-Thon): End of Hour 1

Title of book(s) read this hour: The Shadows of Ghadames, by Joelle Stolz
Number of books read since you started: half of this one!
Pages read: 55
Amount of time spent reading: Roughly 45 minutes
Mini-challenge this hour: Darcie's Intro Meme (see below)
Other participants visited: Several! Chris, DebNance, AndiLit, and on and on...
Prize you’ve won: Nada!

I would've made more headway this hour, but my mom called, and we talked for a good 15 minutes. B. and I are off to grab a fast food lunch, so I'll be back at the book shortly.


  1. Enjoy your lunch, Andi :)

  2. RAT!? brilliant. I'm tired of typing read-a-thon and have only thought of calling it a 'thon, for short.

    KEEP READIN', -Care

  3. Good Luck Andi!! Since I have to work this afternoon, (and my kids are a lot like your dog....I don't think I've been able to sit home in an afternoon and read for very long with them running around!) I'm just here to cheer you on!!

  4. My mom called, too, so I get taht - and with new kittens in the house, I've even had friends stop by to visit. Keep it up.


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