Saturday, June 28, 2008

Read-A-Thon - 45 Minutes and Counting

45 minutes to Read-A-Thon go time here on the East Coast, and I'm lusting after my pile of books. So far I have the following within arm's reach:

The Chocolate War, by Robert Cormier
Welcome to the Ark, by Stephanie Tolan
Briar Rose, by Jane Yolen
The Shadows of Ghadames, by Joelle Stolz
Reading Like a Writer, by Francine Prose
A Severed Head, by Iris Murdoch
Herland, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Do you see a YA pattern here? Yep, me too.

I spent some time packing the majority of the books for my move last night, but I can get to those easily in case these don't float my boat.

I'm so excited!!!

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