Monday, June 16, 2008


Lulu, a wonderful, insightful, wickedly smart teacher formerly from Chicago, is wrapping up her first year teaching in Bangladesh. Read this post from her blog about the realities and ironies of teaching in Bangladesh vs. Chicago. This concise, thoughtful post should be required reading for everyone.


  1. Andi - read her post, thanks for directing us there. It's heartbreaking...

  2. Another thank you from me, for directing me to a very worthwhile reality check.

  3. Just read something about remote villages of Myramar, and now this reality of Bangladesh--makes me realize how much things I have taken for granted.

    Thanks Andi.

  4. Andi--Thanks for posting this. It is heartbreaking, and frustrating, because anything you can do is just a drop in the bucket, so it seems pointless sometimes.

    I encourage people to do something, however, if not for Bangladesh, then for Myramar, or any of the countries struggling in Africa.

    Sponsoring a child in a village is incredibly rewarding, and not terribly expensive. You ensure that they are fed, and receive schooling, the two things that will go along way towards ensuring that they will not end up on the street.

    Thanks again.

  5. I have to bite my tongue when I listen to some people around me talk about how hard their life is. After all, I can see how it would be tough with only two cars, a boat, four television sets, six cell phones, and indoor plumbing.

    Oh. Sorry. Was I using my outdoor voice? :-)

    Have a great day, Andi!


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