Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Sunday Salon - Another One Bites the Dust-uh

Sing with me!

I was trucking right along with Edward Hardy's Keeper and Kid, but then I hit a road block. I have to say, I genuinely enjoyed Hardy's writerly voice....the writing just sounded good. However, I got to about page 56 and the situation that put the child in the hands of his father was just so contrived and clunky that I decided to put it aside. I don't know if it was a case of underdevelopment leading to Keeper's moment of discovery of his son or what, but it just didn't work for me. Sadly, I will not continue with the book, but watch for it in an upcoming giveaway. It's a nice signed hardback, and I know several bloggers who really enjoyed the story, but as it turns out, it's just not my cup of caffeine free diet coke.

In case you're interested, here's the accompanying blurb:

"In this humorous and poignant novel, Edward Hardy explores the depths of modern love, parenthood, and compromise. Keeper and Kid is the story of how a normal guy receives an unexpected gift and in turn must learn to ask more of others and himself. A coming-of-age story for the guy who thought he had already grown up, Keeper and Kid is a sharp and witty account of what we do for love."

On to other reading adventures.

Right now I'm staring at a stack of potentially tasty unread books. Among them, Lonely Werewolf Girl, by Martin Millar; The Solitary Vice, by Mikita Brottman; and The Collection, by Goia Diliberto. What I really should be staring at are the books I've already started: Blood Kin (Ceridwen Dovey) and Green, Greener, Greenest (Lori Bongiorno).

I'm experiencing a serious case of jumping bean syndrome, reading a handful of books, dipping into a handful of others, and generally lusting after anything I'm not actively reading. I'm a readerly adulterer if you will. Oh well, there are worse things.

I've been peeking at my sidebar and I'm feeling pretty guilty about the state of things as far as my reading challenges go. As is generally the case, I'm wayyyy behind on the 2008 TBR Challenge. That's also the case for every other challenge, really. The first one that's wrapping up is Carl's brilliant Once Upon a Time II. It finishes in just a couple of weeks, so expect to see me diving headlong into some fantasy soon. I also expect I'll make some headway on Dewey's Graphic Novel Challenge when the Read-a-Thon kicks up. There's nothing to keep me reading for a whole day like a quick, enthralling graphic novel.

I hope you're all having a stellar Sunday! Enjoy it...Monday is just around the corner. I'm off to do some more reading and blog hopping. I'm woefully behind on both!


  1. Heh. I am also way behind on my TBR Challenge Reads. I have only read 1/12 books. I've read a lot more from others. I guess that's how it happens sometimes. Oh, I think you'll like Meyer's The Host. Have a good week.

  2. Now that is just the most perfect expression 'jumping bean syndrome'. May I borrow it? There are times when settling to any one book just seems totally impossible. Thankfully, I'm not there at the moment but I know exactly what you mean.

  3. Andi, I love that expression..."jumping bean syndrome"! I know it well! I sometimes feel so restless about my reading, wanting to continue in one book while looking longingly at another :)

    I've also had the experience you described, when you're reading along quite nicely and then the author does something so ridiculous, you just can't muster any credibility for the rest of the story.

  4. Athena, oh good! Well, not good that you're behind, but good that someone else besides me is behind! lol

    Looking forward to The Host!

    Ann, glad you like it! Use it all you like. It came to me in a moment of divine inspiration and an inability to decide on what to read. hehe

    Becca, it's horrible isn't it? But it's good that I have so many darn books here. Plenty to lust after.

    And honestly, I think this could be one of the first times I've been so put out by some iffy happening in a book that I had to put it down. Eeek! I'm lucky, really, I guess. Lucky that it hasn't happened more often.

  5. This is probably one of the side effects of reading so many books. The cliches and clunky bits stick out more.

  6. I may have to borrow "jumping bean syndrome" and "readerly adultery". I am the worst. There is always something better out there. I was doing well this afternoon then the biggest temptation out there got me - a nap;-)

  7. Stu, I have to say, you're exactly right. I cringe at some of the things I read and loved in the past because they're just so darn BAD now. But all is well. It just depends on our place in life.

    Kristy, borrow away! I didn't nap today, but I did spend a good deal of time playing with Daisy. When she napped I read Green, Greener, Greenest. Love it!

  8. Book adultery - I love it! I have definitely been guilty of that lately myself. It doesn't help having access to all these great new books at the library, and so I end up checking out more books than I could possibly read. I'm the proverbial kid in the candy store.

    And I'm woefully behind on my challenges, too! I finally removed a couple from my sidebar that wrap up this month that I have no chance of completing. Do I let that stop me from signing up for more? Heck, no!

  9. If it helps, Andi, I haven't even started the TBR challenge yet. *hangs head in shame*

    I tend to only read one book at a time, sometimes two and so am not a ready victim to jumping bean syndrome, but I am sometimes guilty of having readerly adulterous thoughts as my gaze falls on other books in my TBR room.

    Have a great week!

  10. i definitely see your point about Keeper and Kid. i thought the way Leo ends up with Keeper was absolutely designed to inflict maximum trauma on everyone involved- and i can't imagine anyone being as callous as the aunt was. i liked the book a lot but that was a major problem! i hope you get around to finishing it- the rest of it is pretty good.

  11. thanks for the compliment on the layout. i'm so embarrassed, after i put up the new banner i found a big spelling error right up front- i had written boston bibILophile- ouch! but i changed it! :-) thanks:)

  12. I have seen so many reviews on this is almost as if you all are teasing me! haha! It looks really good.

    Happy Sunday!!

  13. Lesley, I'm the same way. No matter if I finish, it's fun trying these challenges, and I will certainly join more too!

    Yay for book adultery, LF! LOL And good for you to sticking to fewer books. I used to do that myself, but here in the last year or so I juggle more.

    Marie, given your recommendation I'll keep it around to finish. For now I think I'll move on to something that holds my attention more. I have a heck of a time reading on planes, so I need something enthralling for my upcoming conference trip.

    LOL, Bethany...the universe (and book bloggers) does that to me sometimes, too.

  14. I've joked a number of times on my blog about hosting a "Finish Your Challenges from Last Year Challenge" next year. :-) I most likely won't finish all I signed up for, but I've read some really great stuff because of them!


  15. I'm the same way when it comes to dipping into a variety of books (why it seems like it takes forever to finish anything). I can't help myself--They ALL look good. The bad thing is even though I'm reading a stack of good books, I'm still eyeing the unopened ones as well....

  16. Haha..jumping bean syndrome.. love it! Not that you have it but you know what I mean. :P

  17. Would you like my copy of THE HOST? I'm finished with it for now and I'd love for you to read it.

    Let me know!

  18. LOL, Lezlie! I love that idea! You would have a massive turnout, I'm sure of it.

    Danielle, I used to be much better at bookish loyalty, but I absolutely suck at it lately. Although, I do find that if I dip into a variety of books, they truly are a variety. I might have a non-fic, a novel, a car audio, etc. At least I don't get confused that way!

    Oh I tooootally have it, Nat! lol

    NIK!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! You kind, goodhearted, generous soul! I absolutely would love your copy. Now let me see if I still have your e-mail addy.


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