Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sharing the Love!

Happy Saturday!!! I'm laid up in bed in my pj's at 10:30, a Diet Caffeine-Free Coke in hand, and a puppy asleep next to me. It doesn't get any better than this!

Some very lovely bloggin' ladies have nominated me for some very lovely bloggy awards! Terri from Reading, Writing, and Retirement nominated me for both, and Lezlie from Books 'N Border Collies nominated me for the Brilliante Weblog award. I'm flattered, ladies, and always amazed that anyone reads my ramblings. Blessings on your heads!

Now, for my awards. I'm nominating 7 blogs for the two awards above:

1. Heather from A High & Hidden Place: She's my reading twin, one of my best friends in the whole wiiiide world, and I totally love her creativity. She's a talented photographer and designer o'graphics (see my header). I can't get enough of her blog, and we e-mail like madwomen.

2. Christine from Between Concrete and Sky: I've been following Christine's adventures for some time; ever since I found her blog through Iliana. I can't get enough of her photography, musical tastes, and book talk. Now she's moved to New York City, and it's great fun following her life there.

3. Lisa G. from Bluestalking Reader: She's hilarious, well read, ambitious, and I really wanna be just like her!

4. Bellezza from Dolce Bellezza: Her blog and her writing are just gorgeous. She's witty, intelligent, thoughtful, and has a great heart. Reading her blog always makes my day a little sunnier.

5. Julie from Moments of Perfect Clarity: Another blog that makes my days sunny. Great photography, warm stories, and a general concern for the world and all the good things in it.

6. CdnReader from The Between-Place: A long-time book group friend and superwoman. She's kicking up to work on her PhD, and I can't wait to hear more as she goes! And did I mention she's got GREAT taste in books?

7. The Funky Bee from....The Funky Bee! She recently covered bacon in chocolate. What's not to LOVE ABOUT THAT? She lives in DC, she lives a far more interesting life than I, she's a sweetheart, and she makes me cackle every time I read her posts. And she sent me meerkat stickies for my office. It's bloggy love!

This is a sampling of GREAT blogs. I read oodles, and I always try to nominate different folks because I just can't tell you enough--all of you--how much I enjoy keeping track of your lives.

Last but certainly not least, Kim from Bold.Blue.Adventure. called on me for Six Quirky Things About Me meme. I think I've done this one, but I'm sure I can come up with some more quirk. There's a whole lotta quirk going on.

1. I hate stuff in my ears. HATE. With a bloody passion. Water, q-tips, a scope. Do you see where this is going? I wanted to kick my doctor in the face yesterday for looking in my ear with a scope, and I really wanted to kick her when she said to keep using drops. HATE STUFF IN MY EARS.

2. I floss obsessively. I had braces for three years in middle school and right at the beginning of my freshman year in high school. I couldn't floss as effectively as I wanted to during that time, so I've been making up for it ever since. I'm sort of anal about my teeth all the way around, but that's the biggie.

3. I love plucking my eyebrows. There's some sick pleasure I derive from getting one of those babies out by the root!

4. I don't mind if my bedroom is a pig pen, but I can't stand a cluttered kitchen. Stuff on the countertops makes me crazy. I would clean out the kitchen Spring Cleaning style every week if I had the energy and my mother didn't look at me funny. It's almost one of those situations where I get SO overwhelmed by a cluttered kitchen that I just throw my hands up and retreat if it's too bad.

5. I've read part of every great book. My friends could always count on my saying, "Oh I read part of that," in grad school. Some I finished, but others I sampled and put away. It's all about that finicky reading mood o'mine.

6. I can take my pants off without unbuttoning or unzipping them. Not really quirky, but a newfound occurrence that gives me a great deal of pride. Wheee!


  1. Thanks so much for the nomination(s), Andi. What great timing -- I just redecorated! *grin* I will bestow these on others with great pleasure. But ... honestly .... I really do bow to your greater blogginess. You da best. :)

  2. Part of every great book? I bet it's the last few pages, isn't it? You strike me as the sort of person who might want to know the endings.

  3. thank you so much, andi! i will pass on the love for sure.

    by the way, have you read "barefoot" by elin hilderbrand? i'd love to you know what you think!


  4. How darling are you for those sweet awards; thank you for passing them on. Just when I think, "My blog is Stupid!" along comes an affirmation from someone dear.

    I could relate to your meme (ears, and whatnot). However, you have to be one of the most well read persons I've ever met: "read part of every great book"...that's awesome! And the pants thing? Working on it. ;)

  5. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday Andi! I know some of these wonderful bloggers you nominated but some others are new to me so I gotta visit them :)

  6. Andi -- thanks so much for the shout out and awards - you are too sweet.

    You know I am a huge fan of your blog and it is a real honor getting the recognition from you on my little blog.

    I am definitely going to check out the other blogs you nominated. I just know I will be discovering more great sites. ;)

    I had to laugh over the plucking of eyebrows pleasure - something we share. haha

  7. Congrats on the blog awards! Also, thanks for nominating all those other blogs. Blog awards are such a great way to find out about new bloggers. I'm going to check all of these out.

  8. Oh, thanks for all these great new blogs to visit! I'm in need of some good reading~

    I hate anything in my ears too. I hope yours feel better soon. Get some good earplugs before you go swimming againg, y'hear? (sorry, sounding like a mom ;)

  9. Thanks for these blog links - I love discovering new blogs! And I also hate stuff in my ears :-)

  10. whee! time fo rnew pants!

  11. Oh man, I can't stand to leave a book unfinished! Even if I hate it, I generally suffer through it to the very end.

  12. Awww, thanks AndishMcTavish! You are so totally one of my bestest friends in the whole wiiiide world as well.

    I hate stuff in my ears as well. It's disorienting!

    Ugh, I hate to floss! And plucking eyebrows! It literally makes me cry.

    You would totally hate my kitchen! LOL

    Does that include Ulysses?

    Number 6. I can totally do that TOO!!! The Twin-ness continues.

  13. Awww shucks Andi!! Thanks for the props. You rock sista!

  14. Teehee your last quirk made me giggle. And congrats on all the awards!


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