Wednesday, August 20, 2008

10 Second Review

The Solitary Vice: Against Reading, by Mikita Brottman was:

  • Pompous
  • Lacking in focus
  • Charming in a few choice spots (too few and far between)
  • Rambly
  • Mediocre
  • Alienating to a large cross-section of readers

My rating: 4/10

Read the rest at Bibliobuffet next week. It's a ranty review!


  1. Well now I have to read it. :)

  2. Awesome idea to do a 10 second review. One to avoid thanks!

  3. Well, looks like I won't be reading this one! HA

  4. Hee hee, I LOVE a ranty review!

  5. Now I have to read it too! Anything that is "alienating" intrigues me!

  6. Boy. You can say a lot with so few words. Guess, I'll avoid this one. But very much look forward to bigger review!

  7. Great idea--the 10 second review! You're just brilliant.

  8. okay, skipping the book. :)

  9. So it was good then? ;) Just kidding. This is the perfect way to review a bad book!

  10. LOL, Chris! Nothing like a little controversy to stoke interest.

    Thanks, Rhinoa!

    Others may like it, Funky, but it sure didn't blow my skirt up.

    There's definitely one coming, Julie.

    Have at it, Char!

    It's on the way, Heatheroo!

    Short on time, more like, Tammy. But thank you! :)

    Sorry to report such glum news, Orpheus.

    Amen, Carl! Can't spend too much time on the stinkers.

  11. But your review is poifect! I'll just read that again!

  12. Great review, Andi! I admit that I find myself curious now.


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