Thursday, August 14, 2008

Creepy reading...

Or maybe "creeping" reading would be a better way to put it. It's creeping along at a snail's pace (and that might be a tad optimistic). I mentioned a possible slump after Breaking Dawn, and by God it's come to pass just as I expected. While I was enjoying Exposure and What is the What, I just don't want to pick them up. I'd rather do the following:
  • Watch crap TV. Code for Ghost Hunters, What Not to Wear, movies on TNT, and gymnastics. My use of the word crap is in no way intended to offend. I think everything on TV is crap (excluding House MD because I want Hugh Laurie to father my children).
  • Drive around. Because the price of gas in Texas is only about $3.49 and that's much better than $4.03 in North Carolina when I left. Who needs money anyway? Let's give it all to oil execs.
  • Play fetch with Daisy. Like I have a choice.
  • Stare at the walls. They're textured. Hours of fun.

Yesterday I did pick up my needs-to-be-reviewed copy of Mikita Brottman's The Solitary Vice: Against Reading. It's a collection of essays that aren't really as harsh as the title suggests. Brottman is a book lover, but also found herself reading so heavily and indiscriminately as a teen that she lost all hold on reality. I'm still not far into the book, but she's witty, interesting, and the book has some fantastic illustrations to go along with the essays. We'll see if it sticks!


  1. Andi, we've GOT to get together sometime. I looooove Ghost Hunters (and don't care who knows it). I'm so addicted to the Olympics right now though, I'm lucky if I've read 20 pages in 5 days. Which kinda sucks because I've got a couple of review books to get to. Plus I'm back at work...yuck.

  2. I had that exact same thing visit me last month. It sucks when you feel that way. My crap TV was Tori and Dean. I hope that you find your way back on track soon! Check out my blog to see how I got out of it. You might find some inspiration yourself. ;)

  3. Somewhat off topic but are you familiar with the Canadian band The Tragically Hip? Because I rather see you as a "I want Gord Downie to father my children" kind of gal (many people I know are).

    As for mean there's something on there aside from the Food Network and Olympics???

  4. I change my twitter status a lot. ;)
    I'm in a slump, too!
    I haven't even been blogging!

  5. I read a little about The SOlitary Vice - it actually seems like a fun book. Do share if it sticks. :)

  6. Argh, the dreaded reading slump. With my luck it always happens during prime reading time (like a week off from school and work). Have fun with The Ghost Hunter!

  7. Yes we do, Tammy!!! A good friend of mine watches Ghost Hunters, too, and we're always complaining that they kill the lights so it's harder to see the evidence they DON'T CATCH. LOL But we still watch it. Religiously! And did you catch the women's all-around last night? MADE ME CRY!

    LH, I LOVE TORI AND DEAN!!! And I don't admit that one too often either. lol Home Sweet Hollywood is wayyyy better than Inn Love, in my opinion. ;)

    Sassy, it's mostly food network in my house. I love Ina! As for The Tragically Hip, I know the name but not really familiar with the music. However, I did Google Gord Downie, and he's HOT. I loved shaved head/bald men.

    Kristen, is Twitter not the MOST ADDICTIVE THING EVER! I love your updates. They make me giggle (esp anything about Foucault).

    Orpheus, it's really fun. I'm moving right along with it. Not a breakneck pace given the impending slumpishness, but quick enough.

    Isn't that the truth, Bookchronicle? Happens to me every darn time.


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