Sunday, September 14, 2008

Enough Already! (More Rambles)

Ever lie down in bed only to find that your mind just won't shut up? I'm there. Not in a bad mood, not irked, not upset, not depressed, just can't sleep.
I finally caught the urge to work around 10:00, so I did that until midnight, which is when I started making stupid mistakes and decided to call it a night. I'll finish planning and posting new work for the classes in the morning.
Now I'm listening to my "top rated" playlist on ye olde iPod trying to settle my mind.
-On Your Side (Pete Yorn)
-Today (The Innocence Mission)
-Wild Horses (The Sundays)
-Nothing Better to Do (Leann Rimes)
-Curve of the Earth (Matt Nathanson)
-Voice Inside My Head (Dixie Chicks)
-Marching Bands of Manhattan (Death Cab for Cutie)
-Message in a Bottle (cover, John Mayer)
-Another Try (Josh Turner and Trisha Yearwood)
-Warning Sign (Coldplay)
-Long Road to Ruin (Foo Fighters)
I intended to post 10 random songs, but I ended up with 11. How self-indulgent of me. *gazes at navel*
What better way to pass some midnight minutes than to torture you all with portions of my playlist?
I think I'll play solitaire 'til dawn.
I have heart burn.
Started reading The Lace Reader, Brunonia Barry's dark horse hit. Impressions so far: "meh."


  1. so funny! sorry you didn't sleep, but hilarious for us! :-) i'll have to check out my "top rated" playlist on my iPod, tho' i suspect it will just be alanis' latest album in its entirety.

  2. lol you are too funny! I couldn't sleep last night either. Usually my son is asleep by 8pm and I'm right after him at 9pm. I was up until about 1130pm playing with my blog and then went to lay down and still couldn't sleep. I hate that!

  3. Lu, it's a thought, but by the time I realize I need them for the night it's so late I'd wake up with a hangover. Decisions, decisions. Maybe some Tylenol PM tonight to get back on a schedule.

    Julie, my early morning rambles seem to be faves of a few choice readers. The ones with impeccable taste, like you, I suspect. ;)

    Kristina, yay! Glad someone else was in the same boat. I hope you're not sleepy and baggy-eyed like me this morning.

  4. Every night. I go through what you describe everynight...ugh!

  5. Every night?! Geez, I don't envy that, Fem!

  6. I need to listen to my iPod more. It goes with me everywhere, but I don't always use it at home. I need to add my newest cd purchase, I'm Not There. Awesomeness! I haven't seen the movie, but I plan to.
    So you aren't liking Lace Reader? I got a copy of it for review and need to get busy with it. I knit lace, so the idea really appealed to me.

  7. I hate when that happens! Usually, I get up and unlike you, who has the brains to work, I eat something. This is not looking pretty now that I'm not in my 20's any longer. ;P Your comic was great; I think it's pretty much universal for all meetings.

  8. Excellent cartoon.
    Yes, I was up, too.
    I rearranged all the books on my nightstand, according to what order I would read them in.
    Moved some of them to a bookshelf in my office.
    Cleaned off my dresser.
    Thought about cleaning the bathroom which drove me back to bed, some fitful sleep and up at the crack of dawn only to find that it's nearly as dark as night with all the rain.
    Just wanted to say "hi" and wonder how many lights (or reading lights) were burning in the wee hours across the country for whatever reasons?

  9. This happens to me so often. I cannot turn it off!! Darn brain. Thinking and whatnot. What the heck is up with that!!

  10. It takes me ages to fall asleep. Every night it takes a minimum of 30 minutes (usually more like an hour) to quiet the voices in my head warning me of all the things I forgot to do today and how I'll pay for that tomorrow. I have always envied my husband because he can fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow (apparently, he can shut his brain off at will). I counted one night just to see how long it would take, and by the time I got to 12 Mississippi, he was snoring. One night I'm just going to smother him with his stupid pillow.

  11. Can't wait to hear what you think of The Lace Reader. I have that one on the bedside table. I did the same thing the other night. I couldn't quit thinking about work and life in general -- nothing wrong, the brain just wouldn't shut off. Unfortunately, I seriously paid for it the next day. I was pretty much good for nothing all day. Glad to see you guys didn't get the bad weather in your area.

  12. *Sigh* I love 'Warning Sign.' In fact, that whole album makes me sad in a delicious way.

  13. It's not just a question of finding something to do at that time either, is it? It's always a question of 'what can I do that won't wake up anyone else?'

  14. Diamond, you knit lace!?! That's so cool, and it makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it. LOL I'm sure the book is great, I just can't get into it at the moment. Finicky moods and all.

    Bellezza, I used to do that, but then my jeans started getting tight. Now I work and work and work and listen to my iPod. lol

    Oh, I wonder how many were on as well! Countless I'm sure. I need to clean next time! Fab idea.

    LOL, exactly, Heather! Darn thinking.

    Traci, I'm usually the one that falls asleep super quick, but that night was just torture!

    Lisa, unfortunately I haven't been able to get into The Lace Reader, so I've switched over to Capote in Kansas. I'm sure I'll come back to LR, though.

    Soj, that's such a good description of that album. Love love love it.

    Exactly, Stu. And if I wake up my dogs the rest of the house is awake shortly after.

  15. Oh, I hate when the voices in my mind won't shut up! Thankfully, they typically harangue me only at night.

    I can't take Tylenol PMs - they make me draggy the entire next day, but from time to time I will take a unisom.


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