Saturday, September 27, 2008

TBR To the Rescue

Just when I have no idea what to read, my TBR burps forth the perfect title:

Hell Hath No Fury: Women's Letters from the End of the Affair (edited by Anna Holmes, forward by Francie Prose)

It's as old as time: the breakup letter. The kiss-off. The Dear John. The big adios. Simple in its premise, stunningly perfect in its effect. From Anne Boleyn to Sex and the City writer/producer Cindy Chupack, from women both well-known and unknown, imaginary and real, the letters here span the centuries and the emotions--providing a stirring, utterly gratifying glimpse at the power, wit, and fury of a woman's voice...

The brilliance of hte mad missives, caustic communiques, downhearted dispatches, sweet send-offs, and every other sort of good-bye that fills these pages will surely resonate with anyone who has ever loved, lost, left, languished, or laughed a hearty last laugh.


  1. Hmm. Actual send offs? That could ne interesting. I think I only ever received one actual dear jane letter. It included a picture cut out from a magazine of a lovely looking calm stream. Don't ask. I guess that was supposed to be me! Ha. I kept the letter for a long time, then thought what a fool I am and skuttled it. Now I sort of wish I had it so I could have a good laugh over it! :)

  2. Poets do this sort of think all the time. Without breakup poems, a lot of collections would be considerably shorter.

  3. Yep, the real deal, Danielle. So far I've read breakup letters by George Sand, Anne Sexton, and other notable females. There are also lots of them from "normal women". Oh, including one labeled "the cruelest breakup letter of all time," which was posted on the 'net. LOL And I love your description of the dear jane letter with the calm stream. I keep a lot of stuff like that (although I don't think I've ever been dear janed...have dear johned quite a few men, though). It's fun to look back later and giggle.

    True, Stu. I think it's a lost art. Think of all the breakup letters and poems being lost in the shuffle of e-mail right now.

  4. I guess there will be fewer and fewer and will be replaced by short text messages and e-mails: different somehow? Not very poetic that's for sure!

  5. Good point, Seachanges. I hope women are printing those e-mails for posterity. :)


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