Thursday, October 16, 2008

Almost Time!

I'm soooo very excited about Saturday's Read-a-Thon. I took a few minutes to rearrange books and dust shelves today, so I pulled a few more books for my potential reading pool. Staring at me from nearby (click to see a blurb):

The majority of these are childrens and YA books, some ARCs from publishers. Why not use the Read-a-Thon to get ahead on reviews, right?

Of course, I also have some fantastic-looking adult books and graphic novels, also mostly for review:

And while I think these might be too long for me to tackle during the Read-a-Thon, I'm really looking forward to:

Whew! Plus there are always the new books I got recently and the library books. And, well, all the books on my shelves that haven't been read (well over 100), plus the books I've already read but that need re-reading for the children's lit course I'm teaching in the spring. Wow, when I put it like that, I'm almost overwhelmed!

This Read-a-Thon is like heading into a candy store with an unlimited allowance. 24 hours of nothing but reading. JOYYYYY!

And that reminds me...I need to stock up on snacks. Ideas?


If you're in the mood to win a box of spooky books from the Hatchette Group via Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf go drop your name in the hat before Friday (10/17/08) by noon PST!


  1. I hesitate to suggest Snappy Crisps (sp?) because they are like crack. But that's what I want for my snack Saturday!

  2. Tideland! Not only is that book short and very gripping, but also dark and atmospheric and disturbing and perfect for RIP! Psyche in a Dress is a great choice too; it's beautiful and a very quick read. And Naaaaaation!

    You have some great reading ahead of you. Tomorrow I will be stocking up on snacks as well :D

  3. Ooo...I love pepper hummus or whatever with veggie chips or soft tortilla strips. Or I've been finding recipes for pumpkin or butternut cheesecake bars. Yum!

  4. I'm so jealous of everyone that is getting to participate in this. I'm afraid I won't be able to again this year. But, I'll look forward to checking in with everyone at some point over the weekend. Have fun!!

  5. Apple slices are a good way to raise your energy without being too unhealthly. Also, if you want another book to add to your TBR collection, I am hosting a giveway here:

  6. This Read-a-Thon is like heading into a candy store with an unlimited allowance.

    No kidding! I'm not sure how many I'll get through but I'm having fun thinking which books I might like to read for the read-a-thon.

    And yes, snacks! Must get snacks!

  7. oooh I'm so jealous of the read-a-thon participants! Can't take part, unfortunately, but shall look forward to doing it vicariously through you! The Edge of Reason looks excellent...hope you enjoy your books!

  8. Kettle Chips - so addictive.

    I could not be more excited about Saturday!

  9. Good luck, Andi! I couldn't do the read-a-thon this year, but I will live vicariously through all my bloggy friends.

  10. I think I'm going to make some pumpkin bread for my snack. Or maybe

  11. Dewey, snappy cripsps! I've never heard of 'em, but I'm a sucker for anything crispy crunchy.

    Nymeth, I can thank you for my copy of Tideland! I can't wait to read it. Atmospheric and gripping are an irresistable combo. LOL re: your reaction to Nation. Sadly, I only realized I had it in my review closet a couple of weeks ago. I would've gobbled it up already if I'd known!

    Amanda, I LOVE HUMMUS! The roasted red pepper is my very favorite. I already have a stock of pita chips, so that might be just what the doctor ordered! And the pumpkin or butternut cheesecake bars sound DELICIOUS!

    Lisa, I'm sorry you can't join us, but we'll think of you and send the good reading vibes. :)

    Thanks, Beastmomma! I have plenty of apples in the house. Gala apples are my very favorite. I dip 'em in peanut butter if I need a little sweet caramel apple-like kick. Mmmm! And thanks for the heads up on the giveaway!

    Nat, it is fun isn't it! I may not blow through as many as I'd like, but I'll enjoy whatever I do tackle.

    Thanks, Logophile!

    Jodie, I haven't eaten Kettle chips too many times, but when I did I looooved them! Crunch is my weakness.

    Thank you, Nik!!!

    Heather, CHEESECAKE! LOL


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