Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Book Randomness on the Go...

Morning blogger babes! Busy day--giving my students a midterm over short stories and literary terms, finishing up an assignment for tonight's Access and Retrieval online class, and finishing a 3-day long marathon of paper grading. BUT, I had to stop in to pass along some randomness!

Raz from Eco-Libris interviewed me about the 24 Hour Read-a-Thon since I'm urging readers to give money to plant trees. You can read the interview here.

If you're still on the fence about the Read-a-Thon, read Dewey's latest post for an extra dose of information.

You can read my latest "Finicky Reader" column at Bibliobuffet to learn more about my interest in children's literature then and now.

In other reading news, I'm well into Jennie Shortridge's Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe. Admittedly, I was a little unsure about this one when I started, but the cover is one of those "I'd sell my soul to live in the world of this cover" covers, and I'm finding that the contents are indeed worthy of the cover. I still want to lick the book regularly. More on that later...

I've also been picking through The Partly Cloudy Patriot, by Sarah Vowell when I need a paper grading break or my butt falls asleep sitting at the kitchen table tapping away on the laptop. I've only read a couple of essays, but she's already got me laughing out loud. A very good sign of things to come.

This passage, from the essay "The First Thanksgiving," made me giggle. Discussing her Montana family's intentions to spend Thanksgiving with her in New York, she gets a little...concerned...

I was terrified we wouldn't have enough to talk about. In the interest of harmony, there's a tacit agreement in my family; the following subjects are best avoided in any conversation longer than than a minute and a half: national politics, state and local politics, any music by any person who never headlined at the Grand Ole Opry, my personal life, and their so-called god. Five whole days. When I visit them back in Montana, conversation isn't a problem because we go to the movies every afternoon. That way, we can be together but without the burden of actually talking to each other. Tommy Lee Jones, bless his heart, does the talking for us.

Note: The opinions about family expressed above are not necessarily related to Andi's in any way. Her family is quite fun, talkative, and delightfully warped. Although, admittedly, talking about non-country artists can be a problem in certain circumstances.

P.S. I can't wait to see the new movie, W.


  1. "W." does look like it's going to be quite interesting, doesn't it?? :-)


  2. Why is it that I am busy every time there's a book marathon? I would love an excuse to read for 24 hours! I'll just have to cheer you on.

    You've given me lots of great reading suggestions lately. Isn't Sarah Vowell great?

  3. Lezlie, it looks really good! I saw Josh Brolin on the Today show yesterday (I think it was yesterday), and that got me extra interested.

    Ha, I know the feeling, Purl. Cheerleaders welcome! And Sarah Vowell is excellent, can't wait to read more of her stuff when I have less work to do (tonight after the debate).

  4. W is going to be hilarious! I secretly hope it rakes in the most money on the weekend it comes out, just because I'm a terribly left democrat.

    I've heard so many wonderful things about Ms. Vowell - must give her a shot!

  5. I'm conflicted about the "W" movie. PLEASE let me know what you think once you see it. I generally agree with your reviews in books so I'm gonna assume you'll steer me in the right way on films too.

  6. Ophelia, I hope it rakes in a ton, too! Apparently Josh Brolin insists it doesn't really rake Dubya himself across the coals, but I'm willing to see it anyway on the distinctive chance that it makes him look like just the moron he is.

    I'll keep you posted, Funky!

  7. Your comment about the book cover made me laugh - it sucked me in too!

  8. LOL, Ari. I knew you'd understand!

  9. I like Vowell better on audio. She's got such a distinctive voice. It's good book though.

  10. I am here to remind you about the Read-a-thon taking place on Oct 18th. It just 2 days away, and I hope that you ready for it... and are all ready to get -reading :) !

    Thanks for participating!

    For Read-a-thon
    My BLOG

  11. Ok, I may have to give Sarah Vowell another try after all. That was great.

    Off to check out your interview with Raz!

  12. Lu, maybe I need to give her voice another shot. I love Sedaris's so why don't I love Vowell's? Go figure.

    Thanks for stopping by Veens! I'm SO looking forward to it!

    I think you'd like this one if you gave it another shot, Iliana. It's all been fantabulous so far!


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