Thursday, October 02, 2008

Booze and friends, anyone?

I'm tired of the sound of my own voice being overwhelmed, so I vow only to be positive and upbeat on this blog for the next, oh, three days. At least!

Last night I went out to dinner with my friend Beth. We went to a little independent, newly built bar/grill across the highway from the university where I got my Masters. We'll call it...oh hell. Texas A&M University - Commerce. That's exactly what we'll call it because I'm sick of coming up with code names.

Anyway, yesterday I was thinking about everything I have to do for the next 2-4 weeks (and next semester) which is really stupid and a good way to get overwhelmed, so if I'll stop doing that I should be fine. Beth and I chatted over our dinner of fish and chips (tilapia, fried, holy God, it was amazing). I ordered a margarita and the conversation went something like this:

Waitress: What can I get you to drink? (Because Beth was ahead of me and already drinking red wine)

Andi: Margarita, please.

Waitress: What kind?

Andi: Big, frozen.

Waitress: The Classic?

Andi: Sure.

And I received a margarita the size of my head. Quite literally. It was huge. In a frozen beer mug. With a cherry floating on the waves of icy goodness. It was de-lish.

Yesterday was a great day. The students were chatty and brilliant, I got BOAT LOADS of grading done, and I even had time to play a little SIMS 2 before bedtime. Oh, and I wrote away for my NC absentee ballot. Because do you think I'm going to miss this election? Noooo.

The weather in Texas has been supremely delightful for the last couple of days. 40s and 50s at night, 70s and 80s during the day. I slept with the windows open last night, and it was awesome. They're open right now, and I'm freezing. But I like cold. Cold is wayyyy better than hot.

On today's docket:
  • Finish reading and responding to discussion forum posts for the classes I'm teaching.
  • Get next week's assignments ready for 5 classes
  • Do research to help out my in-person students that are writing about Ghost World for their first paper
  • Read some more articles for next week's 'brary school chapter summary
  • Kiss Daisy on the head one gazillion times
  • Finish Capote in Kansas
  • Watch Airline and What Not to Wear...OH, and my DVR'ed Pushing Daisies
  • Prepare popcorn, hang out with my mom, and make fun of Sarah Palin on the VP debate
  • Kill off the He Who Shall Not Be Named SIM. I deleted the door while he was in the bathroom and he's now starving to death.

What?! I thought that last one was pretty funny and positive. I was smiling while I typed it! *wink*


  1. Cold way better than hot? Even though I am inclined to agree, come on up for a visit here in MN about mid-January and let me know if you feel the same way. :-)

    Have you seen the "Palin Bingo" game yet? Too funny! Peter and I will be playing it this evening.

    As for starving in the bathroom, considering the circumstances, it made me smile, so I count that as positive. Very clever!


  2. LOL! Well I will readily admit that MN cold and Texas cold are two veryyyy different propositions. I'll let you keep MN cold. hehe I have not seen Palin Bingo, but I must!!! I can't wait. And thank you re: my SIMS 2 prowess. The alternative was removing the ladder from the pool and letting him freeze/drown.

    Thank you, Nikkiloo!

  3. Killing off the SIM? This sounds remarkably like a high tech version of sticking pins in a doll.

  4. I prefer hot to cold! But I do love a frozen margarita the size of my head. ;D

    lol @ SIM toture

  5. Ah sweet revenge :)

    Can't wait to read your review of Capote in Kansas!

  6. Stu, you are EXACTLY right! Exactly! I think that's an essay waiting to happen.

    Eva, SIM torture really is one of those little pleasures in life that makes me all warm and fuzzy. lol And it's even MORE fun combined with margaritas!

    Iliana, I can't wait to write my review! Still haven't finished because I fell asleep this afternoon, but I should finish any time if I can stay upright.

  7. booze+friends is an excellent combo! Tonight in honor of the VP debate I'm planning to mix booze and politics. We'll see what comes of it :-)

  8. Kim, it's now post-debate and I'm wishing I'd had booze.

  9. Bahhahahah!! Using the Sims as a techie-voodoo doll - I LOVE IT!!!

    Yumm I love 'ritas too. Have you tried a chocolate margarita? I'm a chocolate fiend and these are amazing :)

  10. I like to get them in the pool and then delete the stairs so they swim until they die.

    One time my husband and I ordered margaritas at a place that had small, medium and large. The small I ordered was the largest margarita I've ever even seen until I the large he got. My god, I swear it was a gallon of margarita! MAYBE TWO. I believe that was the drunkest we ever were, and we had the most fun telling everyone we met that night that we'd only had one margarita each, and then giggling like we were insane.


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