Friday, October 17, 2008


Not only is tomorrow the 24 HOUR READ-A-THON (known here at TTL: Estella's Revenge from this point forward at RAT), but a miraculous thing has happened in my home.

I am caught up on work.

Work includes: grading papers for 6 classes, posting new assignments for 5 classes, fielding e-mail from 120 students, projects for my own grad courses, reading for said courses.

This never happens.

I feel a wee tad like I've been released from shackles. I have *free time without guilt* today. Without guilt is really the key there. What shall I do with myself?

Probably the same thing I did yesterday afternoon and last night: read Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe. Now I've said that I'm enjoying this book, but admittedly, despite my enjoyment, it was moving a bit sloooow. Until yesterday. Yesterday I hit page 100 and it took off like a rocket! I read something like 200 pages yesterday, and I'll no doubt finish up today. The sad part about this is that I won't be able to post my review until November 12th (blog tour)....soooo, you'll just have to wonder exactly how much I love it until then.

Let's have a champagne toast for free time. So what will I do with my day besides reading:

I'm going to lunch at my mom's office (City Hall) today. The city manager gets a wild urge to cook for everyone from time to time, and today I think it's going to be steak, taters, beans, banana pudding, and heaven knows what else.

I think I'll walk! It's a gorgeous day with temps in the 50s and 60s in Texas, and it's just a little over a mile round trip.

I MUST get caught up on my Bust reading. The newest issue has been sitting here staring at me for far too long.

If I get in the mood, I might stream a Netflix movie. OR, I have this week's episode of Pushing Daisies to watch, as well as the Project Runway finale (already know how it turned out) and some back episodes of Ghost Hunters.

Oh, and I'm building a faculty website through one of the colleges. That's fun work stuff, so I don't mind.

Until tomorrow, bright and early, I wish you well, friends!

*skips off into the midday glare*


  1. Yay for you! Enjoy your time!

  2. You MUST watch Pushing Daisies! It was a great episode in which MUCH was revealed! WATCH IT!!!!!!


    Also, congrats on catching up. It must feel wonderful.

  3. That is a great feeling when you find yourself with some free time. Enjoy it!

  4. HOW have you not died a slow, painful grading death?!

    6 classes?!?! totally awful.

  5. Thanks, Heatheroo! I will certainly watch Pushing Daisies. Maybe tomorrow when my eyes are tired from reading and a I need a little break!

    Thanks, Lisa! It is a great feeling, and one that doesn't come around nearly enough. hehe

    Kristen, very totally awful, but that's what adjuncting does to a person. I was careful to stagger my due dates this time around (for hte most part), so it's been bearable at the very least.

  6. I could send you a stack of my IB English commentaries to score. Would that be OK? I need to get them done before I leave for Kathmandu and I keep screwing around on the intranets instead.


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