Saturday, October 18, 2008

Beginning of Hour 15: Another One Bites the Dust-ah!

5 Books - check!

I Was Told There'd Be Cake was excellent. Very funny, self-deprecating, snarky, wonderful. I will definitely consume whatever Sloane Crosley puts out into the book world from this point forward. In the next few days I'll properly review the books I've read for the RAT. At that unnamed point I'll dole out snicker-worthy quotes. Until then, I have more books to rape and pillage.

What will my next book be? Heck if I know. I have Incantation which looks yummy, I have the very short The Book Shop, by Penelope Fitzgerald. I also have a pile of other books sitting here. Let's see what sticks!


Books: 5 and a piece
Pages since last update: a bunch
Pages total: 790

P.S. My eyes are feeling a bit like a dump truck had its way with them!


  1. I Was Told There'd Be Cake sounds cool, I can't wait to read your review.

    I just read through all your read-a-thon posts via Google Reader (I've been gone all day), and it sounds like things are going well.

    Good luck as you keep reading!

  2. this is fant-freaking-tastic !!
    AWESOME! how do u guys manage reading SO MUCH *sig.. i got 'inspired' and read exactly 8 paes b4 sleeping LOL!

    you r doign great trust me! i slept off in the middle and when i wake u guys r still READING! way better than me LOL!
    have fun
    read on read on read on!!!

  3. See now I read the title of your book and thought you were actually talking about cake durr. It is 3:21am here so please forgive me. 5 books is very impressive and I like your accurate notation of the number of pages you have read :)

  4. Grayskyeyes, going very well! Much better than I even expected.

    Veens, it's getting tough at this point! It's definitely time to whip out the snacks and coffee. lol

    Thanks, Rhinoa! 3:21? You're a trooper!

  5. I've heard amazing and terrible things about that book. Everyone seems to have something to say about it. I'm excited to hear your take.


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