Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prop My Eyes Open with Toothpicks

glkjer mlkaeroow grumble grumble...Is it today or still last night?...grumble grumble zzZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Pardon me. I must've passed out. Was I mumbling? Talking in my sleep? I've mentioned it here before, but I'm lucky in that my Access and Retrieval class doesn't meet in person every week. We met the first four weeks or so, had another three or four work sessions from home on Wednesday evenings, and last night was my first night back after that longgggg, luxurious break. I left earlier than usual, 3:30, with every intention of being inside the classroom to meet with my final project group at 5:00 and sit down to class at 6:00. Alas, I'm glad I left early because if I'd left at normal time I would've been late. Traffic set me back, and it took just over two hours to get to the university. I had just enough time to talk to my group and get a seat for class.

It was a long night listening to lectures and working in the lab. We got out at 10:00, I drove the hour and a half home, talked to Elise on Pearl the BlackBerry most of the way, and oddly enough, I wasn't sleepy when I got home. I ended up grading papers until 2am, slept for a bit, and Daisy woke me up at 6:30 this morning. I couldn't go back to sleep so I'm more than ready for a nap right now. The good news is, I got a couple of classes worth of papers done this morning, I got the bulk of my spring Children's Lit course syllabus done, and now I'm finishing up the fourth hour of my virtual reference internship for the day (I'm available on Meebo for chatters to ask reference questions).

Did I ever mention the finalized reading list for the Children's Lit class I'm teaching at the univesity in the spring? I'm too lazy to look back in the blog to check, so even if it's a repeat here's the plan:

Assorted picture books: The Giving Tree, Rainbow Fish, Rose Blanche, Dear Milli, etc.

Folk and Fairy Tales: the Grimms, Perrault, Madame d'Aulnoy, Andersen, etc.

Novels and Graphic Novels:
  • The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Skellig, by David Almond
  • Parvana's Journey, by Deborah Ellis
  • The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963, by Christopher Paul Curtis
  • The Giver, by Lois Lowry
  • American Born Chinese, by Gene Yang

Oh, and I decided to teach M.T. Anderson's Feed in my introductory writing class. I've never taught it, but I'm looking sooo forward to it.

Daisy keeps wandering from room to room...from my bed, to the recliner, to the loveseat in the nap. It's all I can do not to follow her, snuggle up, and catch some zzz's.

Caffeine, anyone?

Aside from being sleepy, it's been a good couple of days. No complaints. I have every intention of taking a bike ride this afternoon once I get some sleep. Then I think I'll finish up Silent Girl.

What have you been doing today?


  1. Busy girl!

    I was out late at the Timberwolves opening game, then Peter and I stayed up and watched Barack's infomercial on the internet. I'm with you on the sleepy.


  2. I was hosting a Halloween party for a bunch of nearly three year olds. It was hectic.

    I keep meaning to pick up (and read) Feed.

  3. I love that reading list. How great that you included Madame d'Aulnoy! I have the impression that she's not mentioned all that often, which is too bad. She's definitely one of my favourite fairy tale authors.

  4. You've been incredibly busy! I don't know how you do it sometime.

    I'm just about to head into class myself: biopsychology. May someone godly be with me.

    And with you. Nap gods, anyone?

  5. Oooh, fun, Lezlie! I love me some basketball. It's been far too long since I sent to a Mavericks game. I have Barack's infomercial DVRed, and Susan called to inform me of her crush on him this morning, so I know it must've been good!

    Michelle, what fun! Were there cupcakes? Tell me there were! Feed is amazing. Amazing and disturbing.

    Nymeth, I love me some d'Aulnoy! She definitely doesn't get enough credit. We work from an anthology of classic fairy tales that has fantastic version of the tales and critical essays.

    Ophelia, I drink alone. That's how I do it. LOL, I'm kidding. Mostly. And biopsychology makes my butt pucker just thinking about it.


    Just in case! :)

  7. LOL, thanks for the link!

  8. Andi ~ It was wonderful. You can get it on Huffington Post, too. And did you see his comment about sharing his toys in kindergarten?? I love that guy!


  9. You lead such an active life, Andi! I don't know how you fit it all in. Of course, if you are anything like me when I have so much going one, you probably haven't a clue either. You just do what you have to do. :-)

    I hope you have a great Sunday.


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