Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Birthday Wrap Up

Yesterday was a truly funtastic (no misspelling there) day. I spent a lazy morning eating cake for breakfast and I did do a tiny bit of work. Around 11:00 Mom finished her obligations for the day, and we struck out for the big city. She needed Oreck vacuum bags, and I found a clothing store. I wound up buying myself a few birthday treats: a nicely fitted denim jacket, a new green purse, and a blingy, chunky silver necklace for the wedding (originall spelled "weeding"...take from that what you will!) I'm attending Saturday night. I'm a cake cutter, so I've gotta look good! Mom surprised me by kicking in for a pretty pewter and black clutch for the wedding. So cute!

I had my pick of lunch places, so I snapped up the chance to go to Razzoo's, a Cajun chain here in Texas (and one location in NC...go figure). I always seem to order the same thing, "Crawdaddies 2-Ways," a plate of fried crawfish tails, crawfish etoufee, dirty rice, fries, and hush puppies. There was enough food for two good-sized meals, so I ate the leftovers last night. Sooo good! And hot enough that it made my nose run. A sure sign of good Cajun food.

We came on home in the afternoon, I cleaned up my bedroom a bit--hung up clothes mostly and rearranged book piles. I spent the evening curled up with The Graveyard Book, and I absolutely love it. It's spooky, quirky, fun, and just what I'm in the mood for right now. I hope I can polish off another good-sized chunk today. Maybe even finish it!

I also found out that I won a couple of books from the wondermous Joanne, of Book Zombie.

When We Were Romans, by Matthew Kneale: Nine-year-old Lawrence is the man in his family. He carefully watches over his willful little sister, Jemima, and his mother, Hannah. When Hannah becomes convinced that their estranged father is stalking them, the family flees London and heads for Rome, where Hannah lived happily as a young woman. For Lawrence, fascinated by stories of popes and emperors, Rome is an adventure. Though they are short of money, and move from home to home, staying with his mother's old friends, little by little their new life seems to be taking shape. But the trouble that brought them to Italy will not quite leave them in peace.

Schooled, by Anisah Lakhani: Lakhani paints a darkly comic picture of what a five-figure tuition bill really gets you at an elite Manhattan private school. The former Dalton English teacher knows the territory, and it is bleak. Here's Anna, a newbie teacher with Ivy credentials whose passion for the low-paying teaching profession is cause for celebration at the upper-crust Langdon school, where as the exotic-looking newcomer, she is mistakenly identified as a coveted minority hire. With low pay and even lower expectations from teachers and parents, Anna realizes there's no way she can survive — until she learns about lucrative after-school tutoring gigs. And just like that, Anna's ideals go out the window.

I'm excited to read both of these. Thanks so much, Joanne!

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes! You made my day even brighter!


  1. It sounds like you had a fun time, Andi. :-) Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. Ok, 'funtastic' is not a typo, but 'weeding?' LOL! Didn't realize you had to dress up for that.

  3. Lunch sounds wonderful! Next time I'm in Concord, I will have to check it out!

    Oh those books look yummy!! I love the covers!

    And was "weeding" a Freudian slip?

  4. Wendy, thank ya maam!

    LOL, Terri. Thanks for bringing my attention to that typo. Although, it's not nearly as bad as the time I typed "kiss on the hose" instead of "kiss on the nose." That one raised some eyebrows.

    Heather, it's awwwwesome. And there's a little bit of everything on the menu. The fried gator is TO DIE FOR. And weeding was a hilarious slip. I guarantee there won't be any weeding--of the garden variety or the kind that gives one the munchies.

  5. A bit random but I once had a crawdad as a pet. I kept him in an aquarium in the living room but sadly one day he escaped, managed to make it down the hall into my bedroom where he munched his way through my secret stash of sweets and met his demise with a long bit of gum trailing out his mouth. I was horrified.


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