Saturday, November 29, 2008

Book Swirl

Happy post-Thanksgiving! I've finally recovered from the turkey hangover and life marches on. This morning I've been helping my mom put up Christmas lights on the house, and I've been feverishly grading papers and discussion forum assignments for my online classes. I need to check in on my grad classes but....I don't want to! So there ya go.

All the while, the two books I'd really like to be reading--The Sugar Queen and You Lost Him at Hello--are sitting next to me. I can almost hear them laughing that I don't have time to read at the moment. I should have everything squared away by later in the afternoon, and then it's heavy duty reading time. I have a party at a friend's house tonight, so I've gotta get this reading thing on if I'm gonna.

So have you ever felt like you have a veritable whirlwind of books floating around your head? I'm there! Like all overzealous reviewers, I have a lot of catching up to do. Near the top of the stack is this little (huge) lovely that arrived on my doorstep last week:

The Hour I First Believed, Wally Lamb's newest book in....well....ages! Ages I tell you. I've heard a mixed bag of reviews about this one. Lots of tragedy, lots of depressing content, etc. I'm excited about it, though, and the cover is great isn't it?

I'm shallow.

I'm OK with that.

In completely un-book-related news, you may have noticed that suddenly my name on my profile is "A. Estella Sassypants." I'm applying for full-time teaching jobs and I'm doing this online dating thing, so I'm trying to make it just the tiniest bit harder for people to find me because of the vast political content here and, well, all the cursing. We'll see how that works out. I hope nobody will be Googling andi(dot)miller(at), etc.


  1. Good luck with the job search and with the online dating. I joined a few sites, but have yet to meet anyone. Sigh.

    I like "Sassypants." It's very fun. :)

  2. Haha I like the name! A friend of mine used to call me Sassy McSassypants whenever I acted snobby (which I have a weird habit of doing when I'm tired) :P

    But I can see how it makes sense to change your name, it seems like everyone is either google-ing people or FaceBook searching them nowadays to find out background info, kinda scary really.

  3. A. Estella Sassypants? Love it!

  4. I hope you like The Hour I First Believed - I finished it last week and absolutely loved it. I can see how it might get some mixed reviews but I am definitely a fan.

  5. I alternate between Purl and KnittingReader. It is easy to find me if you know my last name, so I understand being careful. I just finished Evernight and am fickle about my next read despite the giant pile of books. Sorry for the meandering chat--thankful to know you! knittingreaderATgmailDOTcom

  6. Googling people is one of those things that sounds incredibly easy, but isn't quite that straightforward. Mostly that's thanks to the joy of namesakes. For the last time, I am NOT the head of Scottish disabled football. Or a stockbroker.

  7. I'm interested to hear old Wally's at it again. I loved his first book, wasn't keen on the second so I'm prepared to return to the fold (as long as I don't have to burn the candle at both ends). It is a great cover!

  8. Isn't it crazy that people have not gotten jobs, or were fired because of their private life activities? I read about a case where a university denied a young lady her diploma because someone saw some after party pictures she posted on her Myspace page. From what I gathered they were not even lewd, just her in a party mood. It seems to me that a potential employer would kind of want that instead of someone sneaky and secretive. I mean, how many people out there are doing the same thing, or maybe worse...the devil you know and all that kind of stuff...
    Anyway, you probably were right in trying to CYA. Sorry for the rant, but I just find it incredibly crazy that ANYTHING you do and say can be held against citizens. Maybe I should go to my own blog and rant huh? TTFN

  9. Good luck keeping on the DL. It never works for me :( I'm thinking about starting a new blog soon but I don't want to lose the bloggy friends I've made.

  10. Thanks, Jessi! Good luck with your online dating as well. And I couldn't resist Sassypants. hehe

    Joanne, Sassy McSassypants!!! LOL I love it. As far as the Googling, I don't mind so much, but I certainly get irked at the thought of potential employers sniffing me out that way. It's really none of their business what I do out here in the void, and I don't think I've done or said anything questionable, but it never hurts to be careful.

    Thanks, Tammy!!!

    Karen, I'm glad to hear you liked it!! I have high hopes.

    KR/Purl, lol, I hope you reviewed Evernight at your place! I'll pop over in a bit. I hope you loved it as much as I did.

    LOL, Stu! I fear I've made it just a bit too easy to Google me lately, but when I'm job hunting is really the only time I care to put my head down and keep a low profile.

    Dale, I admit, I loved the first one and never read the second one. The sheer size of the thing scared me off. This one is a chunkster, too, but the yummy cover was enough to put me right over the edge.

    Holy crap, Fem, that's crazy re: the girl who didn't get the diploma. That's really pushing it too far, in my opinion.

    Nik, I know whatcha mean. I've thought about doing the same thing a few times, but I can't stand the thought of starting over!

  11. I read She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb awhile ago and really enjoyed it. Now I've got 2 books of his to look forward to as I haven't read the other one that he has written either.

  12. I think A. Estella Sassypants is a great name. Best of luck with the job- and man-hunting.

  13. Sounds like you had a good weekend.

    I am running off my turkey (and birthday) calories on the treadmill like a mad man this weekend! Ha!

    I do plan to read Wally Lamb's new book, which is based on Colombine, but I decide that the holiday season is not the right time for something of this weight.

    One-and-a-half week of school left. One of my classes is sitting the final exam, the other has a final paper. I need to get busy!

  14. Like your new name!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

  15. I am glad you had such a nice thanksgiving and I am excited about getting ready for Christmas. I need to pull out our decorations!

    Good luck with your job search and your man search -- good for you on trying online dating - why not?!!

  16. love the new name! :-) hope your job search is fruitful!!

  17. i love wally lamb i read both books not the women in prison one yet though. i can't wait to read it.


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