Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kreativ Catching Up!

The wonderful-fantastic Karen from BookBath bestowed upon me the Kreativ Blogger award! Thanks so much Karen, and right back atcha my friend!
And the accompanying meme:
7 things I did before
1. web design
2. survived on snark
3. drank shots
4. read horror almost exclusively
5. spent time with my grandparents
6. made lots of phone calls home
7. avoided the news

7 things I do now
1. watch the news like a maniac
2. read everything
3. teach college English courses
4. make a car payment
5. think about the environment
6. drink occasionally
7. play with Daisy

7 things I want to do
1. have medical benefits again!
2. get my own place
3. lick Colin Firth's ear
4. get my nose pierced again
5. finish this Library Science degree
6. buy some cheap books
7. marry

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. humor
2. intelligence
3. integrity
4. height
5. creativity
6. inner strength
7. a supportive nature

7 Favorite Foods
1. loaded potato soup
2. dragon roll sushi
3. grilled lobster
4. dulce de leche cheesecake
5. roasted asparagus
6. fried catfish
7. cheese enchiladas

7 things I Say Most Often
1. expletive, expletive, expletive
2. Daisy, NO!
3. Good times...
4. Not so much
5. I love ya!
6. Miss you!
7. Daisy, NO!
7 More Kreativ Bloggers:
Heather from A High and Hidden Place for her rotating bloggy graphics and fantastic photography. And her writing, which is really awesome. AND she knits!
Amanda from The Blog Jar for her cool recipes, snark, and random thoughts that make me laugh.
The Funky Bee for photos, craftiness, and she even made a wedding cake once!
Purl for her rock awesome knitting projects.
Christine from Between Concrete & Sky for awesome photography and all around creativity!
Terri from Reading, Writing, and Retirement. If you saw her countdown to retirement you would be amazed at her creativity.
Danielle from A Work in Progress for her creative reviews and her beautiful needlework.


  1. Wow! Thanks so much! (I'm Purl, but changed my username to Knitting Reader.)

  2. Hey Purl (you'll always be Purl to me), I saw on that on a previous post. hehe

  3. Oh wow, thank you! For the award and the sweet comments. You made my rainy day a little brighter! :)

    And your writing kicks ass. Just saying.

  4. Lick Colin Firth's ear! Oh that's a good one :)

  5. I avoid the news as well. I can't help thinking some of the headlines these days are just lies.

    I have a weakness for Colin Firth as well! LOL Love him sing the song in Ma Ma Mia!

  6. I loved reading more about you. You are a wonderful person, with so many exciting facets. No wonder it's so fun to blog with you, Andi!

  7. Thanks for tagging me--I am going to get to this soon!! How funny as I think one of my cat's names is actually 'No, Chispa'! So you have that problem with your dog? :) I didn't know you were getting a library science degree--you go girl! And my favorite cheesecake (well, no doubt there is more than one) is tiramisu cheesecake--yum.

  8. No problem, Heatheroo!

    Amen to that, Tara!

    Welcome, Funky!

    I couldn't help myself, Iliana. :)

    He's the best, Matt!

    Awww, thank you so much, Bellezza!

    Oh, Danielle, the tiramisu cheesecake sounds amazing!!!!

  9. 3. lick Colin Firth's ear

    Don't we all?


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