Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bring on the 2009 Challenges!

A new year brings a slew of new challenges! While I'm trying to keep my challenge-lust in check, y'all know I have to go ahead and dip my toes into a few that are way too tasty to pass up.

You guessed it! I failed miserably at my own challenge this year, so I'll once again be joining My Year of Reading Dangerously. Heather and I have lightened the load this year by providing a list of "recommended" reads, but there's no official list. We simply ask readers to choose 12 "dangerous" books for 2009 and report in with their links at the challenge blog. Lists can be made up as participants go along, or they can be changed any time. We love flexibility!

When I saw mention of the World Citizen Challenge at Eva's blog, I could not resist! I'm joining at the Major Level:

Despite the occasional, impertinent “And what are you going to do with a degree in that?!” question, you’ve realised that World Citizenship is where your passion really lies, so you declare your major. For this level, you need to commit to five books, from at least three different categories.

The categories alluded to above are: politics, economics, history, culture or anthropology/sociology, worldwide issues, and memoirs/autobiographies. I already read in some of these genres, but others (like economics) will be a push. I can't wait!

What would 2009 be without a Graphic Novels Challenge? Our dear Dewey's 2008 Graphic Novel Challenge was one of the few I actually managed to complete this year, so I figured I should give it another go at success in 2009. I'll be joining at the Major level and will attempt to read 12 graphic novels. Laza from Gimme More Books is kind enough to host this one.

Last but most certainly not least is the Essay Reading Challenge over at Books & Movies. I have a boatload of essays on my stacks: essays on food, essays on books and reading, essays on writing, the collected essays of Graham Green, Siri Hustvedt's essays that I wouldn't mind re-reading, essays on art, essays on sex (hello Anais Nin). So, yeah, I should really get to it. I love essays! We can attempt 10, 20, 0r 30 essays in 2009. I'll probably start small with 10, but who knows, I might make it to 20 or 30 if inspiration strikes. We'll see!

And I'll certainly be continuing with one of my favorite "challenges"...the ongoing U.S. Presidents Reading Project.


  1. I'm debating on whether or not to join your challenge :p Franky, it scares me, but that's the point of it I guess, lol. I'm sure I'll end up joining...I kept kicking myself in the ass for not joining last year. Eva's Challenge and the Graphic Novel challenge are 2 that I'm really excited about! I have some fun books in mind for those.

  2. There's a term for it! Challenge lust . . . I am oh so suffering from that! I want to post about the challenges I'm joining before the year is out, but I'm having such a hard time narrowing it down.

    I didn't do well with many of the challenges I signed up for this year. I'm determined to do better this next year.

    Good luck with your challenges this next year!

  3. There's an essay challenge?! I already have a post typed up where I'm joining your challenge for the express purpose of reading more essays and poetry. :p

    I think I'll just stick with yours, lol, I'm in challenge overload. ;)

  4. Aaaagghh you're killin' me. I swore I had enough challenges and now you tell me about Essay Challenge. Of course I have to sign up. Thanks - I think!

  5. These are all good ones! Good luck with all the challenges this year, Andi!


  6. LOL, Chris! Don't be scared! Can't wait to see what you choose for Eva's challenge and the Graphic Novels challenge!

    Wendy, I know the feeling! They all look so good. I had a hard time reigning myself in.

    LOL, Eva! Good strategy! Poetry...I definitely need to read more of that!

    Always glad to enable, Terri! :D

    Thanks, Lezlie! I'll need those good luck wishes.

  7. Soooo many challenges! I'm trying to limit myself to only a few but they all sound so great!

    This is terrible! I need to create more time in the day for reading!

  8. I figure it is only fair to tell you about a juicy challenge too - so here goes!

  9. I feel terrible about not finishing YoRD this year. I'm definitely going to try harder this year! I'm going to do the Graphic Novel one too, since I have so many of them lying around the house. Now that I have the hubby addicted to them, they seem to be multiplying!! I also think I'm going to do the YA Book Challenge, if only to give myself an easy one to get done!

  10. I am so glad you're joining us for the Essay Reading Challenge. I added you to my sidebar and to the Challenge page.

    I have sent out a welcome e-mail to all the challenge participants, so if you e-mail me at nnjmom at yahoo dot com, I'll get you added to my contacts list for the challenge.

  11. OMG. I MUST do that World Challenge. Thanks for the heads up on that. I started off doing awesome at the Dangerous Reading but I really fell off the wagon. I will not be deterred, though!

  12. LOL! I just joined a bunch of challenges too :) Who knows if I will finish them but I love trying!

  13. There are some very tempting reading challenges on your list! I might have to try and join at least one this year and see what happens!

  14. Thanks for the challenge link, Lena! I'm off to check it out right away.

    Heatheroo, YoRD will be easier this year. So few restrictions. lol I figure most of the books I read for Eva's challenge can be deemed "dangerous." :D

    Thanks, Carrie! I'm so so so excited about it!

    Kristen, I think you did better than almost anyone on Reading Dangerously this year. I was incredibly impressed. I hope you'll join us again (with even fewer guidelines), and I thought of you when I saw the World Citizen challenge.

    Samantha, it is a great time trying, eh? I don't even feel bad (most of the time) if I bomb out.

    Give it a go, Christine! I warn you, though, they're addictive!

  15. These are all great - I was so tempted by some of these but am trying to refrain in hopes of actually finishing more challenges next year. We'll see how that works out :)

    Good luck with your challenges and have tons of fun!

  16. Oh no. I though I was finished with joining challenges, but that essay one sounds too good to pass up. Must... resist... temptation.

    I give in. I'm signing up.


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