Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Sunday Salon - Book Lusties

The best laid plans and all that....

So those posts I mentioned that would be coming up later in the week didn't exactly work out. I think I took a nap right after I wrote that, and I haven't surfaced since. So what's shakin' in Andiland? We switched from first to second summer session, which means a new class at the wayyyy-out-there college (two hours round trip everyday). The session at the college five minutes from my house is ending, and we're almost ready to start the August quarter. This quarter system is a killer, but it sure does keep me occupied, on my toes, and all that.

Chuck is planning a two-week trip to New York with Rocketboy, and they'll be picking up Rocketboy's sister. Good sense and very little imagination would make her Rocketgirl. They'll be bringing her here to live with us. All of this trip planning business makes for much stress and running around like a chicken sans head. The bummer of it all is that I don't think I can take that much time off work. SO, I'll be chillin' at home reading while they're gone. The reading part is not a bummer so much, but I really wanted to go.

I comfort myself with book lust. MUCH much book lust. I stepped into a Barnes & Noble today for the very first time in eight months or better, and I swear I was as excited as a pig in new slop. We say "a pig in shit" in Texas, but I was going to spare you that.

The first book I lusted after at B&N was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by the illustrious Jane Austen and retold and screwed with by Seth Grahame-Smith. I just can't help sounds so weird; it's just gotta be awesome. I didn't buy it--I abstained--but I will be interlibrary loaning this one.

The only title I did buy today was The Abstinence Teacher, by Tom Perrotta. I have several of his books on my shelves, but I didn't really have any good motivation to read them until I watched Little Children starring Kate Winslet and the most unattractive but really talented man in Hollywood (besides Steve Buscemi), Jackie Earle Haley. He also played Rorschach in Watchmen if that tells you who he is. Anyway, Little Children knocked my socks off. I need to read the book now, and I can't wait to crack the proverbial spine on The Abstinence Teacher.

I received this book lust-worthy nugget in the mail this week. Visions of America: Photographing Democracy, by Joseph Sohm. I think I mentioned that Chuck and I have been taking a digital photography class on Tuesday nights, and it's really revitalized my interest in photography. When I saw this one up for grabs from Lisa, the Online Publicist, I just couldn't wait to put my request in. Full review coming later this week or early next.

I've spent most of my day running around. When I did get back home this afternoon, Chuck had to run off to a meeting so I set about doing laundry and all that other domestic crap. Now I'm free for the night, and I plan to whip up a little chicken stroganoff (sorta...weird casserole recipe, but it's delicious), and I AM going to finish Briar Rose! It's a great book, but I have the attention span of a gnat.

Happy Sunday, lambchops!

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