Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Personally: The Sassy-Lonely Post

It is SO WRONG that I haven't seen my other? better? half in well over a week--since I found out I'm preggers. Ladies, if you ever suspect you're pregnant and your man-person is headed out of town for 11 or 12 days, take the test BEFORE he goes.
In short, Chuck and the kiddos will be back in town in approximately two days of cross-country driving, and I CAN'T WAIT. It's ridonkulous how much one can miss loud, obnoxious New Yorkers. And this is coming from a Texan! Who knew?
He gets a little testy when I post pics of him without clearing them with his "do I look OK" meter, but ya know what??
You're 2,000 miles away, sucker! Should've stayed home. :D
Thank you, bloggy peeps, for keeping me company for the last bunch of days!
As of today, all of my (oodles of) online classes have kicked back in, and I foresee a busy semester. I'm teaching developmental courses, freshman writing courses, and one university course in Children's Literature. Talk about a mixed bag!
In the meantime, watch for a short story review of one of the comics included in The Best American Comics, 2006. "Onion Jack" cracked me up!


  1. That should be one terrifically happy reunion!

  2. If only he'll keep his fingers out of my nose. lol

  3. lol. I am glad he will be home soon!

  4. Hahahaha! Haven't you ever heard:

    You can pick your nose,
    You can pick your friends,
    But you can't pick your friend's nose,
    If you want to keep the friends you picked.

    Someone wrote that in an autograph book, when I was in high school. You guys are nuts. Wishing your fellow a safe drive home.

  5. Happy homecoming for you all.

  6. That's an adorable picture. I don't think he'd mind. :)

  7. Tell him all your online friends thought it was a cute picture :-)

    Enjoy your reunion!

  8. Nice testing for husbands even i am pregnant i will take the test thanks for sharing the test ha ha..
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