Sunday, August 30, 2009

Raising Baby Green

Today we loaded up Rocketboy and Rocketgirl and drove out to my mom's house to visit for the afternoon. As one might expect of a first time grandmother, she's been stockpiling baby stuff. She found a nice highchair, playpen, and stroller at garage sales this weekend, and she's already purchased some onesies, blankets, wrist rattles, and other goodies.
My favorite of all her baby nuggets is a grey onesie that says "Green Baby" and has a recycle sign underneath! So cute.
Oh, and I should probably mention my OTHER favorite baby thing: a set of reusable/flushable diaper hybrids from gDiapers.
With all these earth-friendly baby things in mind, of course I picked up Raising Baby Green, by Dr. Alan Greene, M.D. For the most part this book was a repeat for me. I've been reading about the green movement and how to be greener for years, so most of the tips on household cleaning (use vinegar, baking soda, and borax) to utility delight (CFL bulbs, turn up the thermostat, turn down the water heater) have been done.
When it came to actual baby stuff, though, this book was full of great tips. I was especially interested to read about the hybrid diapers I mentioned above which consist of a reusable cloth pant (lined with a light plastic) that hold flushable/compostable/biodegradable inserts. The book is full of earth friendly tips and links to websites where you can affordably purchase great products whether it's diapers, bath and hygiene products, or organic cotton clothing and bedding.
I zipped through the book pretty quickly, and ultimately I found the appendix and resource material at the end even more helpful than the reading. All those cool resources in one place made me "squeee!"
If you're interested in making your household a little greener and baby friendly, definitely give this one a go, though you may find yourself skimming sizable portions if you're already greening up your life.
General Update:
If it's a girl, I'm campaigning for the name Addison and would like to call her Addie. How cuuute is THAT?!

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