Friday, September 25, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours!

Books, that is. I've always seen other bloggers bemoaning the fact that library hold books always seem to arrive in bunches, and that COULD NOT be any truer in my house right now. I've gone a little hold crazy in recent weeks, and they all seem to be filtering in this very moment.

I've already mentioned that Catching Fire fell into my hands a couple of weeks ago, and horror of horrors, I haven't even started it yet! Well, I read a few pages, but I haven't really been able to dive in, which pains me. Gotta get a move on before the library wants it back.

Wednesday I picked up my copy of L.J. Smith's first volume in the continuation of The Vampire Diaries, The Return: Nightfall. I've written it before, and I'll scream it from the rooftops again: I LOVED LJ SMITH GROWING UP, AND LITTLE PEOPLE ON YOUTUBE, SHE CAME BEFORE STEPHENIE MEYER! Sorry, I've needed to get that off my chest for weeks.

If you're watching the new CW Vampire Diaries series on Thursday nights, just set your Tivo to record it until you read all the books and then you can be as disappointed as I am. While the series is "meh," the books are WOW! They've dampened and dumbed the series down and tarted it up with some teenage sex to the point that it's barely interesting, and therefore I'm doubly excited to read more of Smith's writing.

Finally, an RIP read came in! Joe Hill's short story collection, 20th Century Ghosts, is stellar so far! I've only read a few stories at this point, but I'm completely captivated. When I read Heart-Shaped Box I thought to myself: Joe Hill might be better suited to short stories. It seemed as if he had a hard time maintaining his pace in HSB and keeping the excitement and suspense levels up. So far I feel vindicated and rather smugly co-rrect because his short stories are really, really good.

Have you read any of these yet? What's hovering on your hold list right now?

This is also my Library Loot post for the week. Thanks Eva and Marg!


  1. My hold list is way too long to recount here! ;)

    But I've been listening to 20th Century Ghosts on CD, and I have a huge problem-I usually use audiobooks to help me fall asleep, but several times a story has been SO CREEPY that it just keeps me awake. Or gives me nightmares! So I think I'm going to have to switch to only listening to this one when I'm doing chores during the day.

  2. I swear all my library holds always come in at the same time - at least that's the reason I'm using for why I always return so many books unread ;)

    Really excited to hear that about 20th Century Ghosts. I thought Heart-Shaped Box was excellent but I did think the suspense faltered a little bit more towards the middle. I am planning to read some short stories for the R.I.P. challenge so hopefully I'll dig out my copy of this book and try them out.

  3. My holds have been coming in very slowly lately, so I just know there is going to be a huge pile very soon. Sort of scared about that, but oh well! Enjoy your reads!

  4. I have late fees at the library so no holds for me. Must remember to never let kids take library stuff with them on vacation - kids may return home without them (o.O)

    AMEN on the whole LJ Smith came before Smeyer!! *grumbles* If I see another tweenie say Vampire Diaries is a rip off of Twilight I may implode :P

  5. Heh. In my house we call the TV version of Vampire Diaries 90210 with fangs.

  6. I'm avoiding my library because I have got to whittle down those stacks, post haste.

    I've read 20th Century Ghosts. In fact, I read it before it arrived in the U.S. -- I special-ordered a copy from the U.K. It has the most beautiful cover.

    I haven't read Catching Fire, yet, but Kiddo has. He gobbled it up in an evening but said he didn't find it quite as thrilling as the first book. I can't remember why; I think maybe he said it was a little too same-same.

  7. I just picked up Catching Fire at the library, and I can't wait to read it! Thanks for posting about he new Vampire Diaries; I loved the original trilogy thanks to your recommendation.

  8. Eva,

    Yeah, I don't think I could listen to 20th Century Ghosts after dark. I can read it fine, but I actually had a hard time reading Heart-Shaped Box after dark I was so creeped out by the first half of the book. That's a compliment to Joe HIll, of course. lol

    LOL, Iliana! It's a perfect excuse, right? :D I hope you do give 20th Century Ghosts a try. The first story started things off with a bang, and I'm in the middle of the second. Can't wait to gulp down more today after I'm done with some grading.

    Thanks, Kailana! I hope you have some more come in soon!

    Oh no, Joanne! The dreaded late fees. I had a couple myself, and made a beeline to the 'brary to pay 'em off since I knew I had Catching Fire and some other must-reads coming in. Boo to tweens who can't read the copyright page!

    LMAO, Caitlin! There are far too many pained expressions and moony eyes for my taste. Blarrg! Damon is a nice break with his overt assholiness, though.

    Nancy, I remember you ordering that copy of 20th C. Ghosts from UK! In fact, I was *thisclose* to doing the same because I was so intrigued by Hill. Sorry to hear the kiddo didn't like Catching Fire so much. I'm about 30 pages in as of this morning, and I'm hoping it picks up soon. I was having that same "Ohhh, this is gonna be same-same" feeling as I was reading.

    KnittingReader, my sista in the Vampire Diaries love! lol We won't let Rocketgirl (13) watch the series because of the over-use of the word "screw" but she's going to read them, and I think she'll love them as much as I did growing up. I hope so!

  9. Andiloo,

    It'll be fun to see what you think of Catching Fire, in the end. Kiddo is a pretty discerning reader, I'm noticing. I love hearing his opinions and kind of wish he was willing to review. we did a couple of reviews together and then he said, "Nyeh. Not doing that, again." LOL

    That copy of 20th Century Ghosts was a wee bit on the expensive side. I'm glad I didn't wait, since I decided it's a keeper and I love the cover, but it's not something I'll ever do on a regular basis!

  10. Broke down and bought Catching Fire yesterday....Well, really, used a gift card....Not really spending money, I think, when you use a gc....

  11. Andi, nominated you for a blog award. Check out my page today. Yeah

  12. I can't wait for your review of 20th Century Ghosts!

  13. I totally grew up reading LJ Smith, and I groaned big-time when I heard they were turning The Vampire Diaries into a series. If they can find a way to turn Dracula into a teen romance, they will.


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