Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Whoa! Sorry I've been away. I'm settling into the new routine of the full-time teaching job while trying to juggle other things. Reading has been pushed squarely to the backburner, but I should be back to it soon. I do have a review coming up of Gene Yang's new graphic novel, The Eternal Smile, and I'll give you an update on the job soon, too.

I can't wait to get back to my usual blog hopping! I miss you all horribly!


  1. We miss you too! Take care of yourself!

  2. Take care of yourself while you're gone!

  3. You've been doing better than I have; posted a blog, turned around and two weeks had passed!

    ps - the word verification is giving me "unpathy" -- perhaps hinting that nobody really cares about my recent lapse in posting? ;)

  4. Don't worry, we will be here when you get back! We all have those times when work and other things seem to take precedence over everything else (like blogging)!

  5. Thanks, Kathy and Vasilly!

    Melanie, I know the feeling all too well! I've done that many a time myself. And I care about your recent lapse in posting!

    Thank you, Kathleen. Maybe this sudden bought of illness is a way of making me slow down. :)


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