Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hour Six Begins!

Whew! Still going strong over here and trying to avoid interruption. I finally finished Ex Libris and it seemed to take a ridiculously long time to read that book in relation to its size. More on that later, though, when I do a full review post-read-a-thon. I started Jennifer's Body, the novelization of the Diablo Cody film, but I was so thoroughly turned off by the overuse of teenage lingo that I tossed it. Now I'm on to David B. Epileptic, a chunky graphic novel.

Rocketgirl finished Chunky Rice, Coraline (graphic novel), and she's on to a Monsters vs. Alien book. Not to mention the first one she put away, George's Marvelous Medicine. She's rockin' and rollin'!

We'll be back in a bit with another update. We had cereal (me) and waffles (her) for breakfast, and I snacked on some sliced Macintosh apples. But, the grumble in my tummy says it's time to look for something more filling. I'm having a wicked craving for egg rolls. Maybe someone will be nice enough to go pick some up.

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