Saturday, October 10, 2009

Texas Weather and a Mini-Review

The temps have fallen into the mid-50s during the day here in Texas, and now we all think we're freezing. Except, of course, the four originally-from-New-Yorkers that I live with. They REALLY love this weather, and they're perfectly happy to leave the indoor temps somewhere around "perfect for hanging meat."

Texans, you have to understand, are so perfectly conditioned to survive REALLY EFFING HOT temperatures, that chilly makes us twitchy. Given, I like the cooler weather A LOT because it means fuzzy pj pants and steaming cups of tea, but I'm still not pleasant when my teeth are chattering and my fingers are numb--aka, when the ceiling fan is going full blast after October 1st.

We spent a huge portion of our day going to garage sales and craft fairs in the area, and now I'm ready for a steamy bath and my new hibiscus (decaf) tea.

I did finish Heather Armstrong's It Sucked and Then I Cried this afternoon, and that's probably the fastest I've read a book in months! It was a good feeling to get sucked into a book again after so many draggy, slumpy experiences as of late. I've already given you a good idea of my thoughts in my previous post, "This Book Made a Spectacle of Me," so I won't go through all the gushing again. I'll just put it this way:

This book alternately scared the shit out of me and made me cackle. It was fantastic.

How's that for a mini-review? Without further ado, I'm off to have that steamy bath now, and I need to decide what to read next. I was going to save it for the Read-a-Thon, but I don't think I can resist Gene Luen Yang's and Derek Kirk Kim's new graphic novel, The Eternal Smile. I adored Yang's American Born Chinese, so I feel no reason to torture myself with all the waiting.

Have you sucked down any books in record time lately? Tell me what they were, so I can suck on them, too.

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