Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sunday was a busy day. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon grading papers, and it continued into the evening. Chuck was upstairs in the office working on a research paper for most of the afternoon, but he came down to visit a couple of times and asked for proofreading advice.

We always have plenty to talk about, and we were lounging on the bed talking talking baby stuff. A discussion was underway about the research that says the baby may be able to hear us talking at this point. In a fit of pure genius, Chuck started yelling into my belly button (the quickest route to the baby, he says). I can only describe the voice as a Mrs. Doubtfire type of intonation. Very special coming from a man that looks like a bouncer.

After his conversation with the baby we were talking some more and laughing, and I don't really even know how it happened. All of a sudden he was asking me to marry him and getting teary. At first, until I saw the teariness, I thought he was kidding. When he actually asked me to marry him I said, "Sure!" Then I said something akin to, "Oh my God, you're serious!" To this point I've been thoroughly convinced that he never wanted to marry again after his first wife. I was wrong!!!! Delightfully, wonderfully wrong.

He says he had a whole scenario planned out and he has a ring he wants to buy for me other than the birthday ring he gave me last week. Something in the moment prompted him to toss his plans out the window on a Sunday afternoon, lounging on the bed, talking, and yelling at our unborn child. It's very us. A perfect proposal.

No date yet. We're scoping out locations and restaurants to cater (all the important stuff, ya know). So far we've tossed around the idea of some local Japanese gardens for the ceremony, one of our fave restaurants for the reception, and it's nearly a sure thing that Bronwen Weber will do the cake. If ya haven't seen her before, she's on the Food Network's cake challenge show all the time. She's so cool! And talented! And she answers her own phone!

We're having a blast, and I'm a lucky, lucky girl and very excited. :)

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