Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Itching to read, that is. I was baffled last week when I received a little pink slip in our mailbox announcing that we had packages because the mailbox was full. Heh?? Our mailbox NEVER gets that full. In fact, lately, it's been downright barren.

When Chuck came home yesterday with the announcement that "the mailbox was full of books" and that's why they'd left us a pink slip, well then I was ecstatic. Now I'm itching to read the following--not to mention the delicious Thirteenth Tale that I'm still chugging away on at night before bed.

Mr. Langshaw's Square Piano: The Story of the First Pianos and How They Caused a Cultural Revolution, by Madeline Goold. I mentioned recently, on my review of A World Without Ice, that I'm always leery of books about really random topics (like ice or salt or colors), and it's sort of the same concept here. How random?? But deliciously so. Don't you love that cover?? The one up top, see?

Keeping the Feast, by Paula Butturini. This one is for a TLC Blog tour that will be swinging through. It's a memoir about the newly married Paula and John. While reporting on an uprising in Romania John is shot. The two eventually return to their beloved Rome, and the book is about a number of things, but largely about the healing power of food and cooking--and all the rituals associated with it. I briefly picked the book up yesterday while I was waiting on some laundry to finish up, and I was immediately sucked in. I can't wait to gobble down the rest.

Hourglass, by Claudia Gray. This is the third in the Evernight series. While I generally claim to be vampired out, I will most likely give Gray another shot to impress me. I loved the first book, Evernight, but I was only sort of "meh" about the second one, Stargazer. Rocketgirl finished it recently, and she's been trying to get me to finish it ever since. She promises there's a twist I'll love at the end. When I showed her this magnificent nugget yesterday she said, "How do you DO this??" Meaning get books from publishers ahead of time. I explained, and now she wants to start reviewing too. I don't know if our shelves can handle it!!! Sadly, it'll be awhile before a review lands here. The book releases in March 2010. *sigh*

Finally, French Milk, by Lucy Knisley. I've had my eye on this book FOREVER. It's definitely made its way around the blogosphere a few times, and I'm finally getting my grubby little paws on it. I won the mini-challenge hosted by Nymeth during Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon, and I could not be more excited. Thanks, Nymeth!

Those are the books stacked on my nightstand at the moment. What about yours?

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