Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Pregnancy Woes

Welp, it may be a bit quiet over here for a bit. We'll see. I went in for my monthly visit to the OB yesterday, and my blood pressure was higher than normal and I had protein in my urine. Basically, they're worried that I'm having these problems this early (16 weeks), and I've been instructed to de-stress, cut out salt, drink more water, meditate. Calm the hell down, basically. Things have been a bit stressful 'round my house and work, and I suspect that would be the culprit along with a few other things. I'm monitoring my blood pressure at home (and work...plenty of medical assisting students around), and I go back early on Thursday for my doc to check up on me again.

In my defense, I was REALLY upset when I went to the doc's office yesterday because of a blow up with a certain family member (not Chuck) that happened half an hour before I had my appointment. Now let's just hope everything comes down and stays down, because as of this morning it was still high.

Obviously, I'm stressed that I'm stressed. Does that make sense? New mom syndrome dictates that we worry (slightly) about everything anyway, but this issue just bumped things up a notch. So, if you pray, send those. If you do good thoughts, send those, too. Virtual hugs are always appreciated.

I'll keep y'all posted.

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