Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Disappointing Sedaris? YES!

I LOVE David Sedaris, but alas, this post is not lovely. When we were shopping for the kids' Christmas presents recently, I happened upon a copy of Holidays on Ice on a buy one, get one free table and decided I would splurge. I've been on a pretty strict no-book-buying jag this year, and I've done very well. What better excuse to buy a book, right?
When I got this little puppy home, I started reading "SantaLand Diaries" and I was in love with it. Pure, aching, laugh til I want to puke, David Sedaris love. I loaned it to a student for a couple of weeks because she was doing a research paper on Sedaris, and when I got it back I finished the still-wonderful "SantaLand Diaries," and then I read....the rest.
Well, some of the rest.
This is not all Sedaris's funny haha essays we're all used to; there's also fiction intermingled with the essays. I just have to say, not such a fan of the fiction. It's funny, but it's not the essence o'Sedaris that I adore so much. In short, I skimmed the majority of the book and tossed it lackadaisically when I was done. Tossed, I say. Lackadaisically.
So it seems a lackluster book will finish off my reading for the year. I doubt I'll stuff another book under my ever-growing belt before the first day of 2010, and I can't say I'm terribly hurt to wave g'bye and farewell to 2009's reading.

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