Monday, December 07, 2009

Outdoor Plumbing

I got off of work at 1:00 this afternoon, and Chuck and I headed out to the hospital for our second ultrasound. THE ultrasound. I was boiling over with excitement and actually led us to and sat in the wrong office suite for a few minutes before I realized the mistake. Ooops!
When we finally found the right office, Chuck and I sat laughing at really bad Tiger Woods jokes; again, we were so excited we were giddy.
When we got to the ultrasound room and all settled we got to see the heartbeat and the brain (huzzah!), spine, fingers, toes, the whole nine yards.
As the doctor put it, the outdoor plumbing. Clear as day. 100% sure it's a boy.
I thought that might be the case since we've only really had girl names picked out. Looks like we'll be starting from scratch now. Names in the running Aidan, Thane, and Chuck is still pulling for Titus (Mama says no).
When we left the office, we went to Target and bought a baby comforter, some receiving blankets (all covered in owls), and other items in lovely shades of neutral. We put all of these items in a neutral baby bag and put a blue plaid blanket and a Run DMC onesie (that would be Chuck's pick) on the bottom of the stack in the bag. When we finally finished torturing Rocketgirl and Rocketboy we let them each pull out one item a piece until they uncovered the telling items. Then we all screeched together and watched the DVD of the ultrasound.
So fun! Pictures to come...

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