Friday, January 29, 2010

Article: "The Man in the Glass House"

This is an excerpt from a really poignant article about J.D. Salinger published in Esquire.

Just being here, at the bottom of the driveway, just beyond the verge of the property line, feels like a trespass of some kind. This is not just private property. It is the property of the most private man in America, perhaps the last private person in America. The silence surrounding this place is not just any silence. It is the work of a lifetime. It is the work of renunciation and determination and expensive litigation. It is a silence of self-exile, cunning, and contemplation. In its own powerful, invisible way, the silence is in itself an eloquent work of art. It is the Great Wall of Silence J.D. Salinger has built around himself.

I'm about to teach a class, so I haven't had time to read it all, but this passage struck me as especially well written and thoughtful and sums up my fascination--and so many others'--with J.D. Salinger himself.

Read the article for yourself.

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