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Review Policy

Thanks for stopping by Estella's Revenge and for your potential interesting in having me review your book. Please read the following review policy carefully and visit the About section for more insight into my life and work.

Genres I enjoy include literary/contemporary fiction, young adult/juvenile fiction, personal essays, memoirs, non-fiction (food, green living, gardening, homesteading, bookish topics, and science), travel writing, comics and graphic novels. You can access my Review Archive to see the books I enjoy (under construction).

Genres I shy away from include mysteries, thrillers, action, romance/chick lit, and westerns.

My reviews typically include a short summary of the plot alongside my personal thoughts/analysis on the book: good or bad. I insist on writing honest reviews, which means they won't always be positive. However, I do remain civil and level-headed when writing negative reviews. I typically take the "it just wasn't for me" stance. There's also a good chance I won't finish a book I don't like.

I am discerning when accepting review books. If it's not a book I think I'll like, I generally don't accept it for review. I live by the "don't torture yourself with books you don't enjoy" rule, and that bleeds over into my reviewing as well.

While I do make every effort to finish and review books I accept, there's always the occasional exception. If life jumps up and gets in the way or I just find myself uninterested in a review book, I may not finish. However, I do try to mention those books on my blog and gift them to people in my personal life or other bloggers who may enjoy them and pass the word along.

I do participate in the occasional book tour, but my policies remain the same. I will review the book, positive or negative and in a timely manner, but I insist on transparency and honesty.

I have a few requirements. Generally I read ARCS, galleys, e-books (epub format), hardback, paperback or whatever. I'm really not picky when it comes to format. However, I am pickier when it comes to time. I prefer to have at least a month to read a book in preparation for writing a review since my time is often full of teaching and new baby.

Contact: andi.miller(at)gmail(dot)com
Twitter: @estellasrevenge

Memberships: National Book Critics Circle (Associate)

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