Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aloof in the Blogosphere or Why I Blog

I've seen a lot of chatter lately, far and wide, about how many bloggers are tiring of blogging! That is, they get trampled down by controversy in the blogosphere or perceived popularity contests, etc. As a five-year veteran of the blogging community, I've been thinking about this issue a lot.

There have certainly been times when my blog has waned or it's suddenly become "unfun" to blog. I think every blogger goes through it whether it's sparked by issues at home or bigger issues at play in the community at large.

Over the past five years my feelings have changed a lot, and my approach to blogging has changed a great deal. The #1 difference? I'm somewhat aloof! And I kind of like it that way.

First, I should disclaim right about here and point out that I have no problems with ANYONE in the book blogging community or the way they run their respective blogs. I approach blogging in much the same manner I approach my job: I come to work/blog, I do my work/blog, and I go home. While there's often a shitstorm of drama swirling around at work, I usually float right on by, none the wiser. Such has been known to happen in the blogosphere, too. I usually hear about the drama way later or never at all. Why? Because I'm aloof. Somewhat reserved, to myself, just focusing on whatever I want to focus on at the moment.

Now, there was a time when I was smack in the middle of everything. I founded Estella's Revenge (the 'zine) and rode that train til I was sick and tired of editing though it saddened me to let it go.  I wrote for Bibliobuffet until life smacked me in the face and said, "Take some time off already!" And I've probably participated in every imaginable meme, award, and event known to book blogging kind at least once.

You know what I discovered? A whole lot about my own personal habits and joys. I don't particularly like meme's anymore after years of seeing the same ones. I am HORRIBLE at hosting personal giveaways because I cannot physically make myself go to the post office to mail anything. I join challenges but rarely pressure myself to finish because I understand my own finicky (frustrating) reading moods. That's just a sample.

Another disclaimer: I love the book blogging community. I love reading blogs, commenting on blogs, finding new-to-me blogs, but I guess I tend to resist some trends simply because I know I'm too set in my own ways, lazy, or otherwise pulled in differing directions to participate in some of those popular aspects of blogging. And I'm OK with that. I don't let it damage my love of the writing, of the reading, or of the bloggy experience as a whole.

So, in short, that's how I keep things fresh for myself around here. I read, I review, I rant when I want to, and I throw in non-book material because this is, first and foremost, a chronicle of my life. I've never been good at journaling or writing in a diary in "real life" so this blog has become an artifact of who I've been and who I will become in life. And that, my friends, is wayyy more important to me than anything else.

It's why I blog.

Why do you blog?

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