Friday, April 23, 2010


Greyson Eris arrived by c-section at 1:50, Saturday, April 17th. Most of you, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook already know this, but just trying to keep everyone in the loop. Here's how it went:

We got to the hospital around 10:00 on Friday, the 16th, and they dosed me up with Cytotech to get things rolling. Cytotech = one long cramp. Not fun. The nurses kept popping in every 20 minutes to reposition the fetal heart monitor because Greyson likes to move. It was a nearly-sleepless night.

6:00am on Saturday they moved me down to labor and delivery and hooked me back up to that damn heart monitor. Ultimately, I was very glad it was there, but it was SO HARD to keep still. I would've much rather been up and moving--sitting, pacing, dealing with pain--not strapped to a very uncomfortable table. They started my Pitocin to induce labor around 8:00, and that's when the real crampy, contractiony fun began. In reality, the Cytotech to ripen the cervix was far worse than the Pitocin. I couldn't even feel the regular contractions because the cramping was so constant.

It was really a very uneventful labor. By noon I'd only progressed to 1/2 a centimeter, and the contractions were coming about every three minutes. The clincher was that Greyson's heart rate took a dive after each contraction. Seeing as I was only 1/2 cm along, it was WAYYY too early for him to be that stressed out. My body and the baby were throwing on the brakes, so my doctor called it a c-section and Greyson joined us shortly after.
Only a few minutes old -- looking a little puffy but very alert!
Still in the hospital, still alert, looking dashing in a stretchy hat.
Chilling with Dad. He found his favorite chest sleeping position very quickly.

This was just yesterday after our first doctor's appointment. Greyson is looking totally sleepy and over it all.

He is an adorable, sweet baby, and a little angel. We're having some trouble breastfeeding and it's thrown me into more than my share of tears the last few days, but we'll see how that all irons out in the long run. We're soooo blessed to have this little boy in our lives, and I'm loving motherhood so far.

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