Thursday, June 03, 2010

Before Year's End I Shall Conquer...

The title of this post shouldn't imply that I'm not looking forward to these books, but somehow they've wound up on my stacks, largely untouched, for YEARS. I'm sooo not proud of it, much like I'm not proud of the dust collecting on my nightstand lampshade (horrible, truly deplorable). Let the parade of shame begin:

I actually came up with the idea for this post after I read over Amanda's ridonkulously ambitious June reading pile and realized Vanity Fair is one of those books I really shouldn't let slide by for another year. Sometimes when I'm sitting in my living room feeding Greyson or watching TV, I'll happen to look over my shoulder at my hoardes of unread books in the bookcase and starting picking on specific ones. It seems like Vanity Fair, The Good Earth, and I Capture the Castle always fall into this category.

In the case of Vanity Fair, The Good Earth and I Capture the Castle, I've read a small portion and ended up putting them back on the shelves. Whether it was life biting me in the ass, boredom, or some other lame excuse, they've gone unread for far too long. That's why they're squarely on my mental DON'T FORGET THESE BOOKS IN 2010 list.

I'm considering downloading Vanity Fair for my Nook, but honestly, chunksters scare me every day of my life.  The thought of lugging this ham of a book around makes my wrists ache and my purse sag, but I can't say that the idea of reading a bazillion digital pages is much cheerier. Must get over my phobia of big fat books.

A far younger book on the list is Margaret Drabble's, The Red Queen. I snatched it up in one of Frances's very kind giveaways because, while the plot sounds great, I'm in love with the cover. I'm a sucker for crimson, and this one just screams awesomeness. Also, and this is really random, it reminds me of the "Red Queen" -- the creepy little girl computer who controls the zombie playland in Resident Evil. Even though the two have absolutely zilch in common, the thought is enough to get me all excited. Resident Evil is one of my favorite really bad scary movies.

Which books do you want to wipe off your TBR before 2010 passes you by?

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