Monday, June 28, 2010

BookClubSandwich: An Online Book Group!

All brilliant ideas are born on Twitter. That's my new opinion. It seems as if everywhere I look in the blogosphere someone is starting a project as a direct result of a Twitter conversation. Yours truly is now one of those people and project partners.

Kim, (Sophisticated Dorkiness) and I have decided to start an online book club for readers interested in books involving food. Food memoirs, food growth, sustainable foodiness, high-brow and low-brow food. I'm sure you're all familiar with the deluge of food in books (not to be confused with food IN books) lately, so we decided to celebrate it.

BookClubSandwich's first pick will be: Coop, by Michael Perry!

Discussion begins here on August 16, 2010!

This seems to be the it food book going around. Everywhere I turn someone wants to read it, so what better choice to take this club out for a spin! Kim and I are not immune to Coop fever, either.

Discussion will open with a review of sorts--thoughts and questions--to be posted here on Monday, August 16th. A week later, Kim will post a recap and wrap-up of the discussion on her blog! During the course of the week, post your own thoughts/reviews and link them to the opening post, and you're all set. I'm almost positive there will be some sort of discussion stirring in the comments as well.

We discussed having a dedicated blog for BookClubSandwich, but given some busy schedules we decided to go Woolf in Winter style and use our blogs as home base instead.

Coming soon: sidebar-sized icons you can snag and wear proudly.

I hope you'll join us for our inaugural discussion! If you'd like, leave a comment expressing your interest.

*Note: the logo/button was designed by my very talented Chuck. If you ever need design work done, let us know! The website for his company, D'Aprix Graphics is under construction, but you can visit anyway.

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