Friday, July 23, 2010

Books Headed into the Weekend

I've been on fire this week! Ever since I whipped through The Passage I've been fearful of a slump. I've been trying to get my hands on a diverse sampling of books so I won't get bored. I'm pretty sure this is when I really fall into a deadly reading slump: when I'm bored by what I pick up immediately after a huge favorite.

While The Poison Diaries, by Maryrose Wood, was not a successful read for me, I still managed to finish it in one day. That always makes me feel accomplished and giddy, so crisis successfully averted right out of the box.

Yesterday I picked up Beatrice and Virgil, by Yann Martel. I had to proctor an exam for an absent instructor, so I had some time to read at work. While the book is a little iffy so far, the writing is enough to keep me interested. Many seem to think this book is too self-referential and stuck up, but I haven't decided just yet. I've read a lot of self-referential authors (Hello, Paul Auster!), so that part doesn't bother me in particular. However, we'll see if Martel manages to pull off this animal thing again.

I also managed to catch the reality show I've been salivating over: The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Planet Green. How I remembered to set the DVR in a sleepy haze yesterday morning I'll never know, but I was rewarded with three episodes of the show last night. Funny! Very funny. Gay men from New York City running around helping raise goats is a good time, my friends. It's not as silly as I expected it to be. There was minimal flailing. Still fun and lots of snark.

I have Josh Kilmer-Purcell's book about their move and farming experience--The Bucolic Plague--on my nightstand. I just read the introduction and part of the first chapter last night before I sacked out, but I'm really excited to finish it now. Kilmer-Purcell, a former drag queen and a marketing executive, and his partner "Dr. Brent", who was the medical consultant for the Martha Stewart Show, are wonderfully irreverent and terribly sarcastic and smart.

So what books will be accompanying you into the weekend? Let me know so I can covet your stacks.

Note: I'm also participating in my first Book Blogger Hop this weekend! Happy hopping!


  1. I think I'll have a busy weekend, so I'll probably just finish my current read - Finny by Justin Kramon.

  2. I'm going to be finishing The Bone People and Astrios Polyp which I just started yesterday (very interesting so far). And just got a couple of holds picked up at the library - must write a Library Loot post soon. Have a great weekend.

  3. I'll be trying to finish Stories edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio. A great compilation of stories so far. Some stories are more memorable than others.

  4. Just hopping by to say hello. I am currently reading "Captive Queen" by Alison Weir.

  5. Hi, found you via the Hop. Looking foward to following your blog!

    Happy Friday!

  6. I'm hoping to finish FINNY. And maybe get some of THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV out of the way. After that, it's anyone guess.

  7. I gave in and bought The Passage, and it is entirely your fault. :) I hope to read it this weekend.

  8. Kathy, I'm hoping to finish up Beatrice and Virgil, too. If I have some uninterrupted time to sit down (always touch and go) it should've be a problem. How's Finny so far? Have seen it mentioned TONS, but I have no idea what it's about. :D

    Olduvai, I've been trying to lay off the library loans here lately. I have so many books at home, it's ridiculous to take out more. That said, I'm still waiting impatiently on some holds: Medium Raw (Anthony Bourdain), The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (Bender), and one other I can't even remember now. Happy weekend!

    ShelfLife, I want to get my hands on Stories. I've heard most of the inclusions are really good.

    4IQREAD, thanks for hopping by!

    Thanks, Janna! Am following yours as well. Happy Hopping.

    Jill, you're reading FINNY, too! Geez, I'm actually gonna have to look up a blurb and see what it's about.

    TRISHA!!! Oh the pressure. I hope you love it as much as I did, but if you think it sucks, I said nothing. LOL

  9. I just finished The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. Now I'm on to The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx - just to change things up a bit! :) After that, I have ten other books from the library waiting for me.

  10. Stopping by via the hop! You should check out Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Don't let the heft scare you away! It's actually a pretty quick read. Well, relative for it's size that is.

    I've heard about Martel books but have yet to actually pick up his works. Looking forward to hearing what you think about Beatrice and Virgil

  11. I've seen such mixed reviews of Beatrice and Virgil... I can't wait to hear what you think.

    As for me, I'm hoping to finish Hexwood by Diana Wynne Jones for Jenny's Diana Wynne Jones week. So far, so good!

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  13. Thanks for stopping by The Window Seat Reader with the hop! I've actually seen your blog several times while blog surfing and have marveled from afar - I now realize that could make me sound creepy, but I only mean it to convey that I like your site! :) Enjoy your weekend.

  14. I'm back from the beach and hell-bent on finishing ROOM by Emma Donoghue. Andi. You. Have. Got. To. Read. This. Seriously. It is soooooo good and I think right up your alley!

    I can't wait to hear what you think of B&V. It was a hugemongous disappointment for me.

  15. Hey Andi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I totally adore Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; and it had the same effect on me. I look forward to reading your reviews.

  16. Hello, I just stopped by on the blog hop. This looks like a blog I will enjoy, so I just became a follower. Happy reading!

  17. Have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to see what you think of the Martel book. I have it but just haven't gotten to it yet.

    I've got about four books going on and of course I want to throw another in the mix :)

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad to have met you! I'm looking forward to reading your reviews.

  19. Go Andi Go! ;) I'm still not sure whether I want to read Beatrice and Virgil or not...maybe your review will help me decide!

  20. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. I promise I won't hate on you for liking Dickens (publically at least, there's no controlling what goes on in my head). I picked the new book from Martel at the library this week so I'm excited to see what you think about it.

  21. i did not like that book. in fact i did a post on it not too long ago. loved life of pi though.

  22. curious to see what you think about that book, i've got it on my shelf but havent gotten to it yet, i'm reading hell's angels this weekend by hunter s thompson... should be drug inducing.

  23. I can't wait to read your review of Beatrice and Virgil. I haven't seen a book get slammed so many ways in a long, long while.

  24. Jen, that's quite a polar opposite kind of shift in reading there! I do the same thing quite often to keep from slumping, though, so I understand.

    Red, thanks so much for stopping by. Martel's Life of Pi was pretty amazing. I'm less blown away by Beatrice and Virgil so far, but I haven't made my final decision. I hope to finish it up tonight and post a review tomorrow. Will definitely try Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell! Odd as it sounds, I think I enjoy reading chunky books on my Nook better than in "real life." I'm not constantly checking to see how much I have left to read!

    Nymeth, I have yet to read anything of Dianna Wynne JOnes's but I've heard great things. Maybe I'll pick something of hers up soon. I got her newest ARC a while back. Will keep everyone posted on Beatrice and Virgil!

    Bailey, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you commented! :)

    Heatheroo, will definitely give ROOM a try. I've only read one of Donoghue's books, but I really liked it (Kissing the Witch). Maybe ROOM will be a download on Nook.

  25. Thanks, Lyndsey! I'm glad you stopped by!

    Thanks, bibliophiliac! I'm glad you stopped by, and thanks for the follow.

    Iliana, I'm fighting all my urges to read more books! I'm focusing on one at a time so I finish things faster. That typically helps me stay out of a slump. Will report on Martel, asap.

    Thanks, Melody! Thanks for stopping in!

    Eva, did you have mixed feelings about Life of Pi or did the iffy reviews of B&V keep you away? Will let ya know what I think. :)

    lbaity, thanks for stopping in! Looking forward to your thoughts on B&V, too!

    Kamana, I'll definitely check out your B&V post when I finish. I enjoyed Life of Pi, too, so it's hard for Martel to live up.

    Christopher, I've never read any of Thompson's work. A student of mine loves him, and he actually just recommended Hell's Angels a week or two ago. It's high on my want list. :)

    LOL, Kathleen! It does seem to be a very polarizing book. I've read some reviews here and there and TRIED to avoid spoilers. We'll see how this last 50 pages goes.

  26. Thanks for visiting me via the Hop! I can't wait to read your review on Beatrice and Virgil. I'm adding you to my reader! :)


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