Saturday, July 24, 2010

More SubHerban Gardening

Happy Saturday, folks! Welcome back to my second edition of Sub"Herb"an Gardening, also playing triple duty for Heather's Saturday Farmer's Market and Beth Fish Reads Weekend Cooking. Since my first post about our rapidly growing patio garden, everything has exploded!

Our sweet banana pepper plant is our biggest success in the patio garden. It has no less than 8 peppers on it right now, and that's pretty much all the time. They're delicious on sandwiches, sauteed on sausage dogs, and sliced on salads.

Our bell peppers have been a little disappointing. They produce reasonably well, but the peppers never grow bigger than a couple of inches. Perfect for an omelette but not much else. I think the Texas heat is keeping them skinny mini.

These are our big pots of herbs. The pot at the top is all basil.The other one is basil, mint, tri-color sage, marjoram, cilantro, oregano, curry, and lemon verbena.

Our flowers: moss roses, zinnias, etc. have gotten even larger than this.

I love my lantanas, acorn squash, and lavendar.

The final big pots of herbs. Left: thai basi. Right: mint.

Thai chili peppers. Pretty AND spicy.

So, how does your garden grow? Show me, show me!

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