Thursday, July 01, 2010

Reading Behind the Pack

First off, this has been a sucktastic week. Yep, that bad. Job woes are the bulk of my worries, but I'm trying to chill out about any impending joblessness and retreat into my books and Google Reader (and various online job-hunting sites). I generally try to read through my Google Reader every day or two, and I've decided something from reading across the blogosphere:

Some people are on the cusp of reading. They jump on the newest bestsellers or other "hot" titles, or maybe they have a contact with the hot publishers who can send review copies of those books. I would consider myself a "behind the pack" kind of reader

Hype scares me. I can't tell you bloggy lovelies how many times I've attempted the most popular "it" book of the moment and found myself supremely let down. Oftentimes too much hype can build my expectations to a point that no book could ever live up. Perfect example: The Lovely Bones. Back when it was first released, I actually sprung for this novel in hardcover only to discover that I didn't seem to love it the way other readers loved it. In fact, I loathed it. Needless to say, it broke me from buying pristine hardcovers. From that point on, I've been largely a used bookstore and library reader. With little disposable income, it's also just not realistic to buy brand new books all the time.

At times, my behind-the-pack reading has left me feeling out of the loop. For a long time I was in a very small library system and most new books weren't available. Now that I'm in a much larger system, I can apprehend new books much faster.

I've been thinking about this particular phenomenon in my reading life mostly because I have amassed some new books lately, and that's entirely out of my norm (see the "New On My Shelves" portion of the sidebar). Thanks to NetGalley, I have some e-copies of upcoming books. The library has been surprisingly in tune with my wants as of late, and thanks to the affordability of e-books, I have a copy of The Passage waiting for me on my Nook.

No matter what happens in the world of e-books or library land, I will probably always be one of those readers that just can't read fast enough to catch up with everything I desire to read. I'm just now getting to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and I almost wonder the point in reviewing it, since it seems like I'm the last gal on Earth to pick it up. Nevertheless, my goal for this blog now and in the future is to be eclectic and feel at home with my reading choices. Mainstream, independent, popular, poopular, e- and print. Personally, I enjoy reading blogs which include new and time-worn books for the enabling part of finding new treasures and the nostalgia of revisiting titles I may have already read.

How do you feel? Do you prefer reading reviews of completely new books or do you enjoy the oldies-but-goodies, too?

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