Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Mid-Year Assessment Thingy

I knew from the moment I saw other bloggers whipping out their mid-year musings, I would have to do it, too. Call me a follower, but I'm OK with that. I'm an avid lister and reminiscer, so it seems like the right thing to do.

I've read a whopping 25 books which is about half of what I usually read, so I suppose I'm right on track. When I see other bloggers who've read 80-something books already, my butt puckers a little bit and I face the fact that I'll NEVER achieve any number like that this year. Rule #1 of good self-esteem: stop comparing self to others. *cleansing breaths*

The books I've read seem to fall into two major categories: memorable and forgettable. Here are how some of them stack up:

Memorable Fiction...
A Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick
The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck
The Girl Who Chased the Moon, by Sarah Addison Allen
The Forest of Hands and Teeth, by Carrie Ryan
The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan

Memorable Non-Fiction...
Keeping the Feast, by Paula Butturini
This Book is Overdue!, by Marilyn Johnson
Confections of a Closet Master Baker, by Gesine Bullock-Prado
French Milk, by Lucy Knisley

The Good Neighbors #1: Kin, by Holly Black
Home is Where the Wine Is, by Laurie Perry
Bram Stoker's Dracula (graphic novel)

When I write that something is "forgettable" I'm not trying to be a horrible, disparaging, mean blogger. Let's face it...some books stick with us for a long time and some evaporate from our minds almost immediately. For example, I had some DEFINITE problems with A Reliable Wife, but it's stayed with me in a way that some other books this year have not. It's still vivid in my mind while others have faded away.
Looking at my graphic novel choices, the only one that really impressed me so far this year was Lucy Knisley's French Milk, so I'd definitely like to pick some more significant graphic novels in the coming months.

Finally, some big changes from last year. I read ONE novel (other than YA) last year. One. The Thirteenth Tale. I'm tickled that my novel reading has picked up this year because I was feeling a hole in my readerly little heart after last year's YA and non-fiction extravaganza. This year, I have almost no appetite for YA at all. Though Heather and I were discussing this via e-mail, and I think we're both just burned out on paranormal YA.

I have a much more normal-for-me mixture of reading this year, and so far I'm feeling delightfully satisfied. Here's hoping it lasts the rest of the year!

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