Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Buffet: Teaching New Lit Courses!

Having taught mostly at the technical and community college levels over the years, I don't get an opportunity to teach new courses often. It's mostly those ole freshman composition courses, developmental courses, and the occasional oddball writing or reading class. When I was a graduate student I was teaching or helping teach other things like children's lit, film, and guest lecturing on graphic novels, fairy tales, and even picture books.

The college where I work has recently added some new bachelors programs, and with those come additional teaching opportunities. Next term I'll have two sections of "Science Fiction and Fantasy" and one section of "Literature and Film." This is the first time I've gotten to teach either of them since grad school, and I cannot WAIT!

The way our school is structured, many of the required readings and the textbook choices come down from central administration. We have some choice in what else we bring into the class, but an overall structure is in place. With this in mind, we'll be reading the following:

Film and Lit:

Our main textbook is Adaptation: Studying Film and Literature. We will also be reading Stephen King's novella, "The Body" from the Different Seasons collection. We'll watch Stand By Me as a companion to it. We'll also be reading and watching Twelve Angry Men. Now these probably wouldn't have been my choices, so I'll likely bring in some additional materials like a portion of Daniel Clowes' Ghost World and the film adaptation. I had a wonderful adaptation class as a grad student, and I can't wait to share some of what we watched and read with my students.

In the Science Fiction & Fantasy class, we'll be using Science Fiction: Stories and Contexts edited by Heather Masri. We'll also be reading and watching a collection of stuff including The Great Fairy Tale Tradition by Jack Zipes and watching the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Stardust. We'll be reading Ender's Game and watching Starship Troopers and Deep Impact. There's more, but according to the textbook list, I'm a little unsure what we'll be reading, what we'll be watching, and what we'll be reading AND watching. I've done a lot of work with sci-fi and fantasy over the years, so I'm really excited about this one, too.

I always have a blast putting together new course materials for classes like these, and I'll probably start on that ASAP. I'll keep you posted as my short story and excerpt reading list takes shape!

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