Saturday, August 14, 2010

Get These Books Out of My Living Room (Giveaway)

It's just as it sounds. I've started a box of books to be gotten rid of. It's currently living at the foot of the bookshelves in my living room, and I'm tired of stepping over it. I have the following books up for grabs. Add your info to the form below, and I'll choose winners next Saturday, August 21st. Feel free to enter to win one or all of the books. It's up to you!

All of these are gently used ARCs except A Spot of Bother. It's from the used bookstore but in good shape.

The loot:

  • The Poison Diaries, by Maryrose Wood (book 1)
  • The Season of Second Chances, by Diane Meier
  • A Spot of Bother, by Mark Haddon
  • Once Dead, Twice Shy and Early to Death, Early to Rise, by Kim Harrison (set)

Good luck!

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