Friday, August 13, 2010

Miscellany: No Books Here!

It's been another hectic, productive week, and the blogging and reading has been slow. However, I had to tell you how much friggin' fun I had last night.

My last class adjourned at 5:45 and I headed off to Casino Night at the college where I teach. Last term we rewarded students with $25 worth of chips for every week they had perfect attendance. In short, they could earn up to $250 in chips for the term if they had perfect attendance for the 10 weeks.

Last night we set up slot machines, craps, roulette, blackjack, poker, and a bunch of other games on the empty floor above us. We served snacks, "mocktails," and the students gambled the night away for prizes. The grand prize for the highest of high rollers was a Nintendo Wii. Our faculty and staff even dressed up and put on a karaoke show. The ladies did their best Supremes impression (awesome!) and our director of Student Services sang a Barry White number. Hilarious. I almost launched mocktail out my nose.

I donned some plastic gloves, sang Adam Sandler's "Lunch Lady" song in my head, and served up meatballs, tortilla wraps, and cream puffs to a very long line of snackish students and snuck a few bites for myself. I was eyeing the prize table, but I managed to blow my one $5 chip on a lost round of roulette.

On the whole, it was a goofy, low-stress, fun night, and it was good to see faculty, staff, and students all kicking back and letting their hair down.

My plans for the weekend: finish piecing together some online classes that start next week and finish Coop!


  1. Wow, that does sound like a fun evening! I'm imagining a huge venue - how big is your school?

  2. We're a pretty small branch -- around a thousand students. We probably had a couple hundred on campus at the event which was surprising. In a good way!

  3. Sounds like fun! I could use an evening like that! FYI -- I linked your post of the "pulling my hair out" cartoon girl that you posted the other day. Perfectly described my week!

  4. Sounds awesome! I wish my university had done something like that--after freshman year I nearly always had perfect attendance. I could have gambled like mad!

  5. What a fun night! Sounds like a perfect way to unwind and have a little fun.

  6. This sounds like a lot of fun and something that was needed by everyone - time to destress right? :)

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend Andi!

  7. Wow, I think I went to the wrong college! This sounds like loads of fun!


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