Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to Insomnia!

I don't really have insomnia, since once in a blue moon probably can't be categorized that way. I woke up around 3:30am. Greyson is sleeping peacefully, Chuck is sleeping peacefully, the Rockets are tucked in their beds (though who knows if they're sleeping). Tomorrow is Rocketboy's first day of junior high and Rocketgirl's first day of high school. I think part of the reason I'm awake is that I'm SO EXCITED for both of them.

We shopped for school clothes, school supplies, and some odds and ends on Saturday. Yesterday we finished up our before-school errands with haircuts, and we bought them both....drum roll...cell phones! Dear God, please let us not regret this! We typed up a cell phone usage contract for both of them to sign, and this will be our supreme opportunity to hold responsibility squarely over their adolescent heads. 

In other exciting news, I can fit into a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans. I haven't been brave enough to try my pre-pregnancy work pants, but that will come in the morning, sometime around 6:30. My mind is also abuzz with big hair plans (big plans, not to be confused with big HAIR) for the near future. Think color and a super-fabulous cut. I'm beginning to feel like less of a slave to laziness and more like my old self, so it's time to start looking like I give a bit of a crap about my appearance again.

So that's what I'm thinking about this morning (now 4:11am). The kids and style.

Oh, and you should all say a little prayer for Chuck. He's a full-time student this semester, and he's taking care of Greyson all by his lonesome. Here's hoping his nerves hold out. I know he loves getting to put in all this quality time with Mr. G. while he's a baby because he didn't have that luxury with the Rockets.

More later when I'm lucid enough to write about books. In the meantime, I'll take another stab at sleep. Wish me luck!

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