Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bronchial Meltdown! And New Books...

My cold turned into bronchitis. Yay! I'm on so many drugs it's ridiculous. Horse-sized pills, syrups, inhalers, steroids. I usually feel a little better in the mornings, but as the day wears on I fade pretty fast.

Thanks to this hellish malady, I missed the last day of BBAW! The final question asked what we enjoyed about BBAW and what our blogging goals are for the next year.

My favorite day of BBAW was probably "Forgotten Treasures." I had such a good time romping through my own archives for a recommendation--The Journal of Dora Damage--and I saw tons of great books recommended by my fellow bloggers. Of course, I also adored the Interview Swap and thanks again to Brooke for being my partner!

As for the next year of blogging: the expected answer is to say "I want to review more!" since my reviews have slowed down significantly. However, I'm not going to do that to myself because I read as much as is humanly possible without neglecting my family or my job. Those two things have to take precedence, so as hungry as I am for it, reading gets pushed back a smidge.

I do want to keep productively blogging. I love talking about a reading life with my bookish friends, whether I'm cranking out reviews or not. I am a book person to the core, no matter how many books I can actively consume in a week or a month or a year.

And speaking of books, I just looked over at B&Ns e-book deals and found two yummy, and very reasonably priced, new-to-me books. One is the highly praised Case Histories, by Kate Atkinson. The other is Strange Bedpersons, by Jennifer Crusie. I've read quite a few of Crusie's novels in my time, but it's been several years since I got hold of one. They're really fun, light reading for the days my head needs a break.

I hope you all had a wonderful BBAW, and a great weekend. Wish me luck getting all mended and back to feeling human. Right now I'm definitely somewhere in the zombie category.

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